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Emma Chamberlain's Entire Routine, From Waking Up to Playing Fortnite | Allure

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Allure's June/July cover star and YouTuber Emma Chamberlain shares her entire daily routine—including how much coffee she brews in a day, what she does to take care of her skin, and recording her podcast in her closet. From waking up to cold brew to wrapping up Youtube videos, Emma shows us how she is keeping busy and fit from home..
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Emma Chamberlain's Entire Routine, From Waking Up to Playing Fortnite | Allure

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Allure photo 1 Emma Chamberlain's Entire Routine, From... Allure photo 2 Emma Chamberlain's Entire Routine, From... Allure photo 3 Emma Chamberlain's Entire Routine, From... Allure photo 4 Emma Chamberlain's Entire Routine, From...

She is so real and doesn't make me feel bad about myself like some influencers

by XIAN C. 4 months ago

She always says she is lazy but she is doing 15 different things at once

by Loretta Pfeiffer 4 months ago

she’s so real and it’s so obvious she doesn’t try at all, which makes her so likable. lovable at that. tired of cookie cutter influencers

by grace denver 4 months ago

emma is such a genuine and unproblematic influencer. she's just so mentally mature and is aware of the impact she has on her audience, and knows how to be relevant while staying out of drama and being a positive role model. i think that she's grown as a human being over the last couple of years and i'm happy that she's herself, regardless of how much more 'entertaining' she used to be :)

by l3shawna b4ll 4 months ago

lmao i cant believe it took ya'll this long to realize that Emma is a good person

by Ha Ha 4 months ago

I love Emma, she’s doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not and she is just such a fashion icon. I would cry if I ever met her in person 🥺❤️

by Adriana Acevedo 4 months ago

Emma is a fashion icon, successful, rich, unproblematic, talented, humble and original. I love her for that.

by Aarna Joshi 4 months ago

Unpopular opinion: I like her better this way than with the Dolan twins. But I do love the Dolan twins. LOL

by Maddy Moore 4 months ago

So she got an editor that’s why we don’t see much of her “Me Editing:” clips. I kinda miss that but I know it’s impact to her, so I’m very happy and also proud :)))

by John Angelo Cando 4 months ago

22 mins of "why i love emma" . she's is truly amazing! thank u for doing this "collaboration" with her ♥

by Izabel 4 months ago

Remember when everyone hated Emma because she made money and splurged on herself? Yeah that was stupid.

by Bianca Gonzalez 4 months ago

Is it just me or does it seem like Emma edited this lol


by Just Me Lori 4 months ago

am i a fan? no. but do i respect her and her hustle? ofc. she’s a human being, a good one, and shouldn’t get any hate

by cartia king 4 months ago

She isn’t the typical female influencer like she sells coffee and likes photography that’s so refreshing today. she’s natural and confident too and we love to see it.

by arianna dshae 4 months ago

shes been sponsored by louis vuitton multiple times, has a los angeles mansion, has a mercedes suv, is filthy rich....
and not once has she bragged or shown off
thats why we love her.............. <3

by Rainbow Apple 4 months ago

"Every morning I'm in a bad mood" isn't that everyone 😂

by ScarlettP 4 months ago

why did y’all put hannah and ellie LMFAOOOOOOOOOO

by Emily Diaz 4 months ago

Emma literally changed the way people vlog on YouTube. She’s absolutely incredible and so down to earth.

by Julie O'Mahony 4 months ago

i feel bad for her, every time she takes a shower she gets reminded of the fact that some people think that she doesn't shower 😢

by idgf 4 months ago

“i could go for a run, but im not going too” DUDE SAME😂

by Kara 4 months ago

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