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Alien: Ore | Written & Directed by the Spear Sisters | ALIEN ANTHOLOGY

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As a hard-working miner of a planet mining colony, Lorraine longs to make a better life for her daughter and grandchildren. When her shift uncovers the death of a fellow miner under mysterious circumstances, Lorraine is forced to choose between escape or defying management orders and facing her fears to fight for the safety of her family.
Starring: Mikela Jay, Tara Pratt, Dalj Brar, Steven Stiller, Ambrose Gardener, Theresa Wong, Alexandra Quispe, Julie Boersema
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Alien: Ore | Written & Directed by the Spear Sisters | ALIEN ANTHOLOGY

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Alien Anthology photo 1 Alien: Ore | Written &... Alien Anthology photo 2 Alien: Ore | Written &... Alien Anthology photo 3 Alien: Ore | Written &... Alien Anthology photo 4 Alien: Ore | Written &...

The best "Alien" movies/short films combine the dangers of greed and fear of the unknown. This is one of them.

by Adan Canales 3 weeks ago

I think they should start a Netflix series

by Pj lav 1 years ago

I like how it stays so true to the original. CRT monitor for props. Custom graphics for what's displayed. A lot of work went into this getting the details just so.

by China shorts 1 years ago

Take notes Hollywood. Now, this is how you do a good Alien short film anthology!!

by NYKgjl10 1 years ago

Excellent character development in such a short amount of time.

by George Scaggs 1 days ago

This actually terrified me just like Alien did. Loved it!

by Ebby Paige 1 months ago

Jonesy Easter Egg :D

by BearLean 5 months ago

මම මගේ උගුර ඉවත් කළා මම වෙන දෙයක් කියන්න කලින් මගේ නීති යා සමඟ කතා කළ යුතුයි

by Kathlyn Powell 3 days ago

I just found these and OMG!! Amazing!! Why won’t Hollywood see this and get behind one!

by Tall Classy1 1 years ago

I would like to see this developed into a feature length movie.

by agenttexx 1 years ago

This one was the best because of the use of the W corps mission to secure one of these xenomorphs alive and captive. That was great use of the colonies and their possible sub stories while encountering the xenomorph species in the midst of trying to make a honest days pay. W corp is always the silent elephant in the room...great take on the stories possible branches and sub stories


Very enjoyable, well made short movie. Would love to see a full length movie or series. Mikela Jay was excellent.

by GunStar1 3 months ago

Bravo,liked the camera shot that started in office and ended in the tunnel.

by Neil Graves 2 months ago

Now that's an alien short. There's got to be more...c'mon where is it damit?

by Nella Enegue Samoht 1 years ago

No Xenomorphs where harmed during the realization of this film.

by Grillo 1 years ago

That was actually good. It kept the idea of how the Franchise is. Love how it cuts to Black when the Xenomorph attacks.

by Vengeance Gaming 1 weeks ago

Congratulations for the filmmakers of this alien anthology!!! the spirit of the alien 1979 is here very well. More film like this. Good idea be make some before Ripley was found. The universe of alien franchise is big!!

by Pablo Daniel Almiron 3 weeks ago

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