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Trump extends coronavirus relief as talks with Congress falter

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In a move that bypasses Congress, US President Donald Trump has signed four executive orders that he says will provide economic relief to millions of Americans.
It includes eviction protections, student loan relief and an extension of unemployment benefits, but at a lower weekly amount.
Democrats say it provides little help to families and will reduce desperately needed support for the unemployed..
Al Jazeera’s Mike Hanna reports from the US capital, Washington, DC.
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That was the last straw with Trump, he had my support but after this, time to vote them out!

by Beast J 3 weeks ago

Kneel down for still having Mr Trump. If by any chance biden wins you're all screwed up

by Ricardo Ferreira Miranda 2 months ago

Good job thrump, I hope we can get bigger stimulus to increase the stock market further.

by any 2 months ago

We all know Donald Trump is doing Everything in his power to WIN' this next election.

by Mell Me*l 2 months ago

No relief check can fully compensate people's losses from Trump's failure in controlling the pandemic.

by Sean Lu 2 months ago

Dictator wannabe Trump bypassing congress to try to buy votes with tax dollars Americans already forked over. There is no guarantee any of this money will reach their pockets meanwhile over 1000 Americans die a day from this pandemic.

by Devon Alexander 2 months ago

More lies that he can’t deliver

by MAC JOHNSON 2 months ago

Many people will never see a check. He says it's $400, but it's not. It's $300 federal and $100 state. And, if the state can't afford their $100, nobody gets anything at all. As we know, states can't afford it. So, many people won't ever see a check. Trump conveniently doesn't tell you that!

by Richard K. Flowers 2 months ago

Trump is doing a good job people don't like him cause he does what we all think but won't act on Nancy Pelosi is a democrat puppet for the Saudis

by George White 2 months ago

Good job Mr.President! Atleast something is Done.

by Sudesh Thapa 2 months ago

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