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Is democracy dead in Hong Kong? | Inside Story

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It's been an eventful month since China's government imposed a national security law on Hong Kong.
China's leaders say it's essential to curb months of disruptive protests, but critics say it's the death knell of democracy in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.
Police detained student activists.
12 democratic candidates were disqualified from a now postponed legislative council election.
And despite going into exile, activists overseas such as Nathan Law now face wanted notices if they return to Hong Kong.
So what's the future for autonomy and freedom of expression in the global financial hub?
Presenter: Imran Khan
Isaac Cheng - Pro-Democracy Campaigner
Andrew Leung - Independent China Strategist
Stephen Vines - China Analyst and Author of Defying the Dragon: Hong Kong and the World's Largest Dictatorship
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My condolences to Hong Kong. Brits 'screw up' coming back to haunt yall and China taking full advantage of it.😔

by Maruf 1 month ago

If the entire panel is in HK - doesn't this limit what they're able to safely say?

by Beau Tanner 1 month ago

If the entire panel is in HK - doesn't this limit what they're able to safely say?

by Beau Tanner 1 month ago

There was never a “total” freedom in this world.

by Xiao Ma Ge 1 month ago

Nathan Law escaped, Agnes Chow pleaded guilty.

by route55 qatar 1 month ago

What democracy, you mean mayhem, destruction and chaos.

by William Cheong 1 month ago

Qatar does not even have a democracy where Al Jazeera operates

by Lutz M 1 month ago

With china ruling, of course everything is dead.

by Sam Too 1 month ago

This national security law helps Hong Kong return to a lawful society. Those so called demonstrators are terrorists.

by Henry L 1 month ago

Has Stephen Vines book been published in the UK?

by Alfred McKeown 1 month ago

You guys could do a Start Here program on this new security laws and why the West is slowly giving up on their extradiction treaties. I’ve always thought Sandra Gathmann has tremendous didactic.

by Artur Moretto 1 month ago

I'am death,rumors loyalty than overdosed of all such my real story.and the other parts consep a alumni journey limited 2021. Fax closed steps one media protes stills my experience to help Macau prior do reports of bills onstage now.cant bought from china's than casino's fix off year's, Hongkong done it

by Ms Hyatt 1 month ago

Catalan declaration of independence. What happened to those activists? Is demorcry in Spain dead?

by jamie1128888 1 month ago

We can tell this china is step nick with all nations and to his own peoples specially Christian peoples.the followers of Christ mighty why it's happening in all nations.

by marnily rowland 16 hours ago

Are we allowed to say we don't like china cause the national security apllies outside china ? 😱

by Bugatti Veyron 1 month ago

Be clear, Hong Kong is more free than US. Also, more democracy and violent acts of independence are different!
These criminals should be held accountable for setting fire on innocent and damaging infrastructures in Hong Kong.

by eyy h 1 month ago

it is, as it should be, it was a bad idea in the first place.

by iam he 1 month ago

Wrong question? HK never had democracy under British rule.

by private malone 1 month ago

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