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Hong Kong's Missing Booksellers | 101 East

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Since October last year, five men linked to a Hong Kong bookstore have disappeared one after another.
China-born Swedish national Gui Minhai was allegedly taken from Thailand. Lui Por, Cheung Chi Ping and Lam Wing Kee disappeared in mainland China, and British citizen Lee Bo was last seen at his Hong Kong warehouse.
The bookstore in question deals in publications critical of Chinese leaders, and before his disappearance, Gui was apparently preparing to publish a new book. Could this be the reason why he went missing?.
All five men have since resurfaced in mainland China. But how did they get there? Outraged Hong Kongers and the international community are demanding answers.
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Greatly disturbing and startling, that's what I'd call this report.
Well investigated, but I think this is only the tip of the iceberg.

by deadvodka 4 years ago

terrifying. If I were from Hong Kong, i would be protesting too.

by Kate100294764 1 year ago

Now we understand why 2 million people are protesting. The world must find out this book sellers

by Dorji Lew 1 year ago

This video just leaves more questions than answers

by Kyle S 4 years ago

The China government obviously cannot take criticism...

by clarice tat 1 year ago

It's devastating that stuff like this still happens in the world.

by Hosna Noorzi 4 years ago

These people were tortured to confessions of different story

by Rin 1 year ago

One of the many reasons why 2 million people took the streets of Hong Kong last Sunday to stop the Chinese extradition bill be passed in Hong Kong

by Carol 1 year ago

Books are power. I knew that, ever since I was able to read my first book at the age of 5. Keep the fight!

by Kandi Sofia Dahlan 1 year ago

China is displaying north korea's behaviour. Shame on you.

by sunnygal12345 1 year ago

If you can criticize your government without being thrown in prison or murdered, consider yourself blessed.

by lovewhispers68 1 year ago

crazy! how this is a true journalism..great job

by riskbusin3ss 3 years ago

You can search the whereabouts of "bookseller" in the following location: internment camp in China.

by Contractor Groom Lake Road 1 year ago

I’m glad to be a “Westerner” I know we’re a flawed people but at least we’re assured that our government can’t kidnap us for being critical of it. China on the other hand doesn’t care and does it blatantly. In no way is any government perfect but at least we’re free to do anything we chose to do here.

by Harry 1 year ago

"Continue to speak up, never stop..."

by Blacktigre99 1 year ago

its scary how they look during their "confessions". And why'd they bring Lee back to HK then right back to PRC?

by ltmaillt 4 years ago

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