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Aitch - Safe To Say

#Aitch #Safe #Rap #Say #Music
Listen to Safe to Say https://Aitch.lnk.to/SafeToSayID
From the POLARIS EP https://Aitch.lnk.to/PolarisID
Join the Aitch Q at https://aitch.lnk.to/SocialsID/WebsiteGeneral
Director l KC Locke
Executive Producer/ Directors Rep | Marisa Garner.
Producer l Lewis Nicholson
Production Company | Swords & Eagles
DOP l Stefan Yap
Production Designer l Jenny O’Sullivan
Editor l Jamil Shaukat
Sound Design l Whyjay
VFX l We Are Covert
Unit Production Manager l Ella-Taylor Palfrey
1st Assistant Director l Ben Eve
Motion Control | G6 Moco
Focus Puller l Danny Usman
1st AC l Oliver Bingham
2nd AC l Ben Eckersall
Gaffer l Joshua Hunt
Spark l Lee Symington
DIT l Jamil Shaukat
Runner l Ed Kelly
Runner l Gabby Callea
PPE Supervisor l Kenneth Locke
Colour Producer l Charlie Morris
Colourist l Alex Gregory.
Colour House l The Mill London
Kit hire | Pro Motion Hire
Lighting | Drop City
Artist chauffeur | Get Chauffeured- Gary
Special thanks to Audi Stockport, Jess Osborne and Scott Kershaw


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Easily one of the hardest visuals in the UK game rn

by Sphex 4 months ago

- Wait, behave 2 watches on 1 hand
- Always has been

by MrCrazy 4 months ago

Producer: How many transitions do you want? Aitch: Yes

by abbsnn cose 3 months ago

When your Tesla stock goes up by £10 overnight 😂

Didn't realise I had 3.8k likes da fuq 😂😂👍 cheers

by FSshizz 4 months ago

the “lady at audi” is peng

by Ashan r 4 months ago

I like that he uses british pounds instead of dollars like some uk rappers

by cianllyr 4 months ago

this guys editor hasn’t seen his family for years

by Boris Johnson 3 months ago

Kids when they make £5 from selling snacks at school

by Squedward 3 months ago

Producer: how many visuals do you want ?
Aitch : meneh

by J. 4 months ago

Director: “what car would you like?”

Aitch: “owder.”

by Doccter 2 months ago

The Dislikes are from ppl who have their monthly wage in his jeans 😪😪

by Reyy Boyy 4 months ago

Is it just me who just freaking loves that steering wheel transition?

by Sam Ptolemy 1 month ago

John out here making a life after Peaky Blinders

by Vasco Garcia 3 months ago

Aitch is low-key one of de best UK rappers including his music vids

by wavey comrad 3 months ago

When a white kid eats the travis Scott meal

by Max Uroda 3 months ago

Him talking about someone’s ex=101%

by Hussain Ali 2 days ago

Nobody: Bitcoiners and e traders : "today I ain't move one muscle I just made 60 racks in my sleep"

by hen ko 4 months ago

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