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Albert and Kirsten being funny for 8 min ~part 2~

Part 3 out now!!
Stan 😌✊
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Aesthetic Addict photo 1 Albert and Kirsten being funny... Aesthetic Addict photo 2 Albert and Kirsten being funny... Aesthetic Addict photo 3 Albert and Kirsten being funny... Aesthetic Addict photo 4 Albert and Kirsten being funny...

Normal people: “dude”

Kirsten and Albert: “dewd”

by Goose 6 months ago

When Albert called us stupid and an idiot, I felt appreciated

by PastelBuni 5 months ago

I smiled when kristen said
"When you smile i smile"
theyre cute coupleee

by • Y S A B E L • 5 months ago


i love their relationship dynamic lol ✨

by makayla g. 2 months ago

When he said " Honey ", I legit started fangirling-

by hey julie 6 months ago

That scream


t e a

"Look who's talking boi"

--- He called her honey ♡

*possessed monkey noises*

He's throwing a tantrum? He seems normal to me


She licked his face

by Precious_YT :3 2 months ago

“turn down your volume” me: turns my volume up all the way

by Bella the Gamer 1 month ago

Kirsten:BrOThER Albert:HonEY Me:oh so I see they switching it up

by Eloise Horton 5 months ago

When Kirsten gets her hair died purple:
Albert: Oh mY gOd

by simplyxviolet 1 month ago

soo...this sweet man is the one who spits and screams into the mic?

by bil 6 months ago

This should be titled: "Being the cute couple for 8 mins"

by lorelle 5 months ago

When albert put her hair in his mouth...

I felt that.
We ALL felt that.

by illegal alien 5 months ago

Kirsten: when is temprist-

Albert: i hate thi-

Kirsten: S H U T U P


by Arleah Soliz 5 months ago

Kirsten trying to impress other dudes

Albert in the backround: AAAAAAAAHHH

by Mangle 6 months ago

Said nobody ever:

I don’t feel like watching Albert/flamingo right now

by Mj.jjigplay6 5 months ago

Kirsten: I dropped my hacking cough drop dude
Albert/Flamgo: Well you should not of done that

by •clear-skies• 5 months ago

Aesthetic Addict: “listen to me turn down your volume”

Me: “turns volume all the way up”
My mom running into my room after I screamed extremely loud.

by simply.peachii 1 month ago

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