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Ellen's Tea, Umbrella Academy, Tyler Perry's Interview, Adele & Beyonce, Jamaica & Hair, + More

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HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! Umbrella Academy released their second season! I don’t spoil anything in this video but all I’m saying is that I’ve been properly fed. The Cheeto did a tweet and delete about Florida that was covered in lies so it was hilarious to unpack that. Jamaica’s supreme court has apparently made a very unfortunate ruling about hair at schools. In the world of TV News: NBC Entertainment chairman Paul Teledgy (who was previously roasted by Gabrielle Union) is getting called out and so is Ellen. They even have #ReplaceEllen trending online right now. Adele shared a cute pic of her watching Beyonce’s latest film. Tyler Perry had a few…annoying…things to say about defunding the popo. Let’s talk about it!!
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AdrianXpression photo 1 Ellen's Tea, Umbrella Academy, Tyler... AdrianXpression photo 2 Ellen's Tea, Umbrella Academy, Tyler... AdrianXpression photo 3 Ellen's Tea, Umbrella Academy, Tyler... AdrianXpression photo 4 Ellen's Tea, Umbrella Academy, Tyler...

Ellen is a rich white woman, she’ll be fine

by Suck It 1 weeks ago

Lil yachty look like somebody auntie at the church fish fry in 1999

by ashy ankles 101 1 weeks ago

Anyone but James Corden. We don’t need to replace a gay woman with a straight man, no ma’am.
I’m down for Wanda Sykes getting that slot tho ♥️

by UMICL 1 weeks ago

Someone said Lil Yachty’s bayang is giving Annalise Keating and I just...

by Domiiniic 1 weeks ago

“Some people have been saying Tiffany Haddish, and I want them to unsay it” 🤣 I’d like to see a black woman, replace Ellen though

by Deaynni Radke 1 weeks ago

Whew! Umbrella Academy DID NOT disappoint. Sis came in and acted the fuck up. Five is forever my favorite but I'm happy we got some character development from Allison and Ben. The Handler is one of the dopest original villains I've seen in a series. And the plot twist in the end has me mad that I finished so quickly because now we have to wait lord knows how long for season 3 because of Miss Rona 😫😫

by TheSomethingnew1 1 weeks ago

when I found out about the jamaica situation I couldn't believe it like wtf .....so what about those who have dreaded for religion purposes

by Logical sense 1 weeks ago

And the ruling was passed on EMANCIPATION DAY in jamaica. Hair discrimination is very real in this country and as bad as the ruling was it did not surprise any of the young people who have had to endure it.

by Jason Carpenter 1 weeks ago

I want Wanda Sykes to replace Ellen because I used to watch the Ellen show and Wanda always ate Ellen up... she is the funniest person ever...

by Vanessa Amesty 1 weeks ago

Lena Waithe!!! Or Wanda Sykes! Or a “new” talent, someone we haven’t seen.

by Jamila M 1 weeks ago

Tyler Perry needs to shut up, sometimes. Maybe understand what it means before you start yapping.

by Suck It 1 weeks ago

DAS ADELE?!?! LOL. I know she lost weight and I haven't followed her but she looks like a new person.

by nancykerrigan 1 weeks ago

Yeah this whole dreadlocks business ain’t it. Absolutely insufferable.

by JazzyQ 1 weeks ago

Isn't James Corden another Ellen because he's been told to be mean to the people he works with

by Richy Lake 1 weeks ago

Replace Ellen with Tiffany Pollard

by Kat Ann 1 weeks ago

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