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Dying my hair blonde :)))))))

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Enjoy me going through a mental breakdown and dying my hair blonde! What's one colour you've always wanted to dye your hair? Let me know in the comments and I'll be responding!
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Adelaines Camera Roll photo 1 Dying my hair blonde :))))))) Adelaines Camera Roll photo 2 Dying my hair blonde :))))))) Adelaines Camera Roll photo 3 Dying my hair blonde :))))))) Adelaines Camera Roll photo 4 Dying my hair blonde :)))))))

"I now pronounce u Canadian, escaping world war 3"


by Internet Queen 8 months ago

"this is what a mental breakdown" really frustrated me . i love you adelaine and i watch every single one of your videos, but that is not what a mental breakdown looks like. i ve been in four psych wards in my life and i know what a mental breakdown is and i ve been through so many and this is not it. I understand you might not be in a good place rn but please have a little respect for people with mental illnesses and dont use the word that lightly because it is a serious matter.

by Emilie Blanco-Bose 8 months ago

Y'all need to learn how to check your faves when they're in the wrong. Adelaine IS being insensitive. Yes people experience mental breakdowns differently but here she is CLEARLY clickbaiting! Yes we have seen her have actual mental breakdowns (bc of whatever reason related to her life/breakup/family) but her dying her hair spontaneously (if you can even call it spontaneous bc she definitely scheduled this appointment ahead of time and paid hundreds of dollars for it) is not a mental breakdown. Adelaine is great but like a lot of other youtubers, she needs to educate herself when it comes to sensitive topics like mental health. If she is going to talk about mental health and make it a part of her brand, she should do it the right way instead of mocking (not "making light of") and joking about people who really suffer. To the people who are saying "stop being so sensitive" you're literally a part of the problem.

by flicks feat. p 8 months ago

can we stop romanticizing the idea of mental breakdowns so people can stop capitalizing off of it

by Jadiba Ramisha 8 months ago

Wanting to change your hair colour is not a “mental breakdown” and I know you are going through alot and I don’t want you to feel scared for sharing more lately, but please understand clickbait titles like these are the reason for such a stigma around mental illness and mental health. Its stuff like this that makes people not take mental health seriously. Its not quirky to use mental health as a way to gain views, and its not relatable either. I mean mental health is different for everyone so maybe this is how u cope but as outsiders, it just doesn’t come off right. Im so tired of seeing people saying this when they change their looks like wtf wanting to go “jlo blonde” is u actually just wanting to change your look. Eating pizza and dying your hair is not what a mental breakdown looks like and tbh its like you are making fun of people who do have breakdowns, and it really downplays the severity. Idk man.

by Evangeline F 8 months ago

if ur gonna make a WHOLE series on mental health... EDUCATE YOURSELF ON MENTAL HEALTH!!!!

by Megan Dean 8 months ago

To any children seeing the video and reading this comment, this is NOT what mental breakdowns look like. It’s severe and more complicated and physically exhausting. Do NOT let YouTubers convince you into self diagnosing a mental illness just because you’re crying/ showing emotions and eating pizza while changing your hair.

by Sara Shinde 8 months ago

dude stop saying mental breakdown so freely like it is a joke

by Anthi Sookie 8 months ago

I wouldn’t go back to that hairdresser her hair Is all different colours

by Grace Robey 8 months ago


by laura 8 months ago

Adelaine, I wanted to start off by saying how proud I am of you because you have grown into such a strong and wonderful role model for not only young girls, but so many different people. Also, I truly admire your hard work ethic on top of everything you’re going through and you’re holding yourself together very well. You should give yourself more credit for that because you’re doing so great xoxo ❤️

The second thing I wanted to shed light on is the amount of times that you say, “I’m having another mental breakdown.” I’m in graduate school studying Clinical Psychology (Counseling Practice) and Mental Health and I’m not an expert, but I’ve been studying psychology for almost eight years now and I definitely think you should say those words less. The reason I say that is because there are so many different kinds of mental breakdowns that people go through. There are some that are mild and then there are some that are very severe. Even though I think it’s important to be positive and lighthearted about something that is so deteriorating to the self, it’s just a little inappropriate to use the word so effortlessly and I’ve noticed it in many of your recent videos. Talking about mental illness is extremely important and I love how you’re bringing that more into your channel. I just want you to be cautious of and know that it can be very triggering to those who endure very serious “mental breakdowns.” I hope that makes sense and that no one takes this in the wrong way. I just thought it was something important to note and take away ☺️

by Sarah Yugovich 8 months ago

I hate seeing hate comments but some of these are true, don’t use mental health/breakdowns for clickbait

by Silvia V 8 months ago

The mental breakdown thing .. it’s being overused

by Sara Govea 8 months ago

Lol stop endorsing mental breakdowns, despite popular opinion they ain’t cute to film or joke about and are horrible to go through lol

by Shaelee Harper 8 months ago

lmaao what’s with her using “mental breakdown” as quirky relatable feeling?

by Alex Rizo 8 months ago

I had to unsubscribe it’s disappointing that you are using mental breakdown as click bait when it not something that should be joked about

by Cassie C 8 months ago

You are not the first and you will not be the last person to go through a breakup. Acting hyper, over the top because you’ve only had 4 hours of sleep and dying your hair blonde does not = a mental breakdown. Don’t downplay people’s mental health issues. Just because you are sad does not mean you a depressed. Just because you are nervous does not mean you have anxiety. You wouldn’t shave your head and say “cancers rough” would you?

by Sade Fordays 8 months ago

Omg the lady at Tim hortons literally knew blues name😂😂😂😂😂

by Ben Armstrong 8 months ago

I get your going through it girl but you seriously need to sit down with yourself and realize how triggering it is for some people that you throw around the “I’m having a mental breakdown” card in so many of your videos. It is not hip or funny it’s damn right disrespectful that you causally use the term so much. Nahhh hunny no

by Megan Jade O Brien 8 months ago

Youtubers really sleep for 3 hours once and dye their hair then brag about being sleep deprived and HavInG a MenTal BrEakDOwn 💀💀💀sis that’s just embarassing

by karina 8 months ago

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