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Addison Rae photo 1 REVEALING OUR FAMILY SECRETS!!!!!!! Addison Rae photo 2 REVEALING OUR FAMILY SECRETS!!!!!!! Addison Rae photo 3 REVEALING OUR FAMILY SECRETS!!!!!!! Addison Rae photo 4 REVEALING OUR FAMILY SECRETS!!!!!!!

Monti: CEO of acting drunk
Addison: CEO of laughing at every dad joke
Sheri: CEO of keeping a straight face

by X9x 1 months ago

No one :
literally no one:
not even Addison:
Monti: Who is gonna talk if we all have water in the mouth

by Louange Lilya 1 days ago

Addisons mom: stares deeply into my soul

by Rachid 2 days ago

Not one soul:
Not even James charles himself:
Addison rae: How long should I wait until I post my next video?

👁 👄 👁

by XxPeachy xX 1 days ago

no one:
addison: gets stuck in a baby swing to prove a point

by Maryam E 1 months ago

NOT even a soul:


by Klara C 3 days ago

Realize how they didn’t talk about that secret

by Eric Vasquez 1 days ago

I was literally crying in laughter when they were telling the story of her being stuck in the baby swing

by Marisa Contreras 1 weeks ago

Ok so I literally can’t stop laughing and my whole family thinks I’m weird because Monty makes me laugh so hard with all his dad jokes and extra commentary ahahaahhahahahahshhs

by Lucy K 4 days ago

I love how Addison laughs at everything also her laugh always makes me smile

by Saoirse Cross 1 months ago

I know for a fact that only 1% out of 100% will see this but, if you are that 1%, I really hope you have the best day possible and you know how special you are <33

by 10k subscribers without any content 1 days ago

Is it just me or do most dads talk with thier hands when telling an intense story 😂

by Onalenna Makhubele 1 weeks ago

I don’t care what ppl say Addison Rae is the nicest most caring person. And also in my opinion she’s the most beautiful girl in the world and is not a thot cuz she has nothing on the hub or nudes ingeneral god bless u Addison! 😘

by Icey AK 1 weeks ago

Myself and my twin sister never had our dads last name. We had our mom’s maiden name and when they got married when we were one, they never changed it. Everyone thought our biological dad was our step dad.

by April Michelle Rose 1 days ago

Her dad and her have the same personality

by MarcosOffcial 1 months ago

"Who get's stuck in a baby swing". ADDISON RAE!

by Joy Herrera 1 weeks ago

No one:
Addison : I was stuck in baby swing and I was like crying
But literally I just love her and smile and laugh makes my day and makes me smile. She has a happy family 😂😍

by Divyanshi Sharma 1 weeks ago

Addison Rae is it true that you’re broken too shy as jobs house

by Senia Reyes 3 days ago

I bet Addison Rae won’t heart this comment

by RubexW Cube 1 days ago

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