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Tana Mongeau got EXPOSED...AGAIN...this is bad

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kahlen barry's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAev3BVNh6g
this video gets messy but i wanted to share my opinions on the drama currently going on with tana mongeau...super disappointing but not surprising stuff.
#tanamongeau #simplynessa #kahlenbarry

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Adam McIntyre photo 1 Tana Mongeau got EXPOSED...AGAIN...this is... Adam McIntyre photo 2 Tana Mongeau got EXPOSED...AGAIN...this is... Adam McIntyre photo 3 Tana Mongeau got EXPOSED...AGAIN...this is... Adam McIntyre photo 4 Tana Mongeau got EXPOSED...AGAIN...this is...

I’ve watched like 10 of you’re videos in the last 24 hours and they are so amazing ❤️

by Lily Bowcut 1 month ago

Why are we giving these idiots fame...? The internet has made some of the worst people so popular and wealthy.

by Just-A-Squish Studios 1 month ago

I love your accent. It’s like British but southern too. “tur” girl, that’s what we say down in Tennessee.

by Lady Lydia 1 month ago

When she said " I want to apologize...for anything I ever did to make him feel that I was being micro-aggressive or racist." it rubbed me the wrong way. She could've simply said "I want to apologize for being micro-aggressive or racist" That's her owning up to it, but instead she's basically blaming him for how he interpreted her actions. I personally wouldn't accept the apology knowing how Tana is.

by Nomi Nom 1 month ago

From now on I'm only pronouncing tour as terrr

by DayvinDazone 1 month ago

She’s not going to address it. She thinks she’s above everyone. It’s REVOLTING. I watched her since her first story time about the bleach and tone and I really liked her. But as a mother to a bi-racial little girl I can’t support her AT ALL. If anyone spoke to my daughter the way she speaks to her “best friend” Imari I would be digging their grave for them. She blames everything on Vegas and growing up poor because she in incapable of taking responsibility for ANYTHING. I’m not here for cancel culture usually but as far as I’m concerned the bitch is done. 💕

by Megan McCheyne 1 month ago

I love how no one recognizes that Jordan manages both tana and Trisha.. two of the most problematic people on the internet... he also needs to be held accountable to continuing to let them act the way they do.

by Claire’s Universe 1 month ago

Quarantine made me get so interested on these drama videos......


.......i need help.

by Meerah 1 month ago

Her apology tweet kinda sounded like Shane’s. “I shouldn’t have been racist for shock value” and “I’m so far from that person and I hate who they are”

by Lily Bowcut 1 month ago

Can someone explain! I don’t understand how she literally wasn’t canceled after her dumb tana con???? Like why is she still around?!!

by JennSCHWA 1 month ago

For anyone curious about what Kahlen meant by "behind the scenes" dismissals: Jordan (Tana's manager) was texting and messaging the ex-Trash members all week, trying to shut them up and silence them when Kahlen first went public with his experiences with Tana. He said there was even a message sent to a member that sounded intimidating and like blackmail. But most of Trash have come out to support him anyway. (I think Aaron is the only one who hasn't said anything) AND: Tana's best friends, Ashly and Ieuan, have laughed at Kahlen's video by commenting "smh" and "lmao" on a different drama channel video, which looks super shady of Tana if her closest friends are saying that.

by Layla Kingston 1 month ago

Finally someone explained it all in less than an hour

by Kylie Clark 1 month ago

I don't like the way that Shane tried to "make everything right" for Tana after TanaCon. I don't think anything came of it for the fans , did it?

by ooCarnieGirloo 1 month ago

Not only was she ignoring the movement, her only fans is also a scam 👌

by J. Boney 1 month ago

This week has been loaded for Youtube Drama

by Peter K 1 month ago

“mum im doing my homework”

aka what i said a minute ago-

by pink gnome 1 month ago

Hard R or not there is never an acceptable reason for a white woman to use the n-word. Period.

by Harriet J 1 month ago

Petition for "that's so tana" hoodies

by georgia 1 month ago

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