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Shane Dawson 'Taking Accountability' SUCKS!

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shane dawson uploaded a video 'taking accountability' and you know what he avoids doing...taking accountability. i have words to say...
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Adam McIntyre photo 1 Shane Dawson 'Taking Accountability' SUCKS! Adam McIntyre photo 2 Shane Dawson 'Taking Accountability' SUCKS! Adam McIntyre photo 3 Shane Dawson 'Taking Accountability' SUCKS! Adam McIntyre photo 4 Shane Dawson 'Taking Accountability' SUCKS!

shane dawson uploaded a video 'taking accountability' and you know what he avoids doing...taking accountability. i have words to say...

by Adam McIntyre 1 months ago

A real apology comes from the heart, not inspired by someone elses apology lmaooo

by Jadyn Winters 1 months ago

His video should've been called "I'm sorry I got caught".

by Kristin Renee 1 months ago

Shane: cant yall take a joke?
Jenna: offending anyone whether i understand or not is NOT okay
Shane: yeah, yeah, like jenna said

by Puff Pets 1 months ago

Jenna marbles hearing shane with her name in his mouth: don't talk to the queen unless the queen talks to you. Also Adam do you ever sleep, I'm concerned.

by X E N O A N G E L E D I T S 1 months ago

It's tone-deaf, he made it because Jenna receive positive feedbace, and he still put the blame on "i've childhood trauma uwu".

by Bree 1 months ago

Finally some saying the truth without being scared!! THANK YOU

by Cel Munoz 1 months ago

shane is actively deleting hate comments on his video calling him out for still profiting off of old offensive videos & deleting comments about being friends with jeffree btw

by Adam McIntyre 1 months ago

He was trending with vids of his blackface and pedo talk, and a clip of him laughing about a baby dying from sexual abuse that made me physically ill to listen to, and THAT is what "inspired" him. The baby convo was NOT cut. And he conveniently left that one out in his "apology". Jenna's video was a heartfelt and genuine ACTION, Shane's was a fear-based and rehearsed REACTION.

by Rachel 1 months ago

Here's the thing, years ago he apologized for stuff right before he "re-branded" himself. He then went on to still say gross things on his podcast, not delete the videos he apologized for, and still profit from merch with offensive things on it. He didn't show any change from his last apology.

by SaBr 417 1 months ago

Adam see if you listen to Shane’s apology and watch jeffrees racism apology from 2 years ago they’re so similar they talk about pain and issues when they were young and I swear to THE HOLY JESUS CHRIST that jeffree lent him out his PR

by Julie Virgo 1 months ago

I liked the part where he said he shouldn't be allowed on this platform for the things he has done but still hasn't taken down his monetized videos or channel.

by Barefoot Barrister 1 months ago

Shane "doesn't have hate for anyone"

lmao I think James, who didn't want the whole dramageddon 2 thing in the trailer, would beg to differ

by JKL 1 months ago

He literally said he gave apologies out of fear...

by Teresa Mulhern 1 months ago

The comment section of his video pissed me off. Everyone claiming this world is ‘too sensitive’ and his apology was ‘the best apology ever on YouTube’ (one day after Jenna’s apology? Is it?). The majority of his fans are actually ‘new’ stans who only know him since the spooky boys, let’s be honest. The rest who are defending him only know about the blackface videos as those are the most prolific atm, so they’re excusing it with ‘that was 10 years ago and he’s clearly sorry therefore Shane is innocent’. Fml

by aleksa p 1 months ago

am REALLY mad... LIKE FOR REAL?? this just sounded like a way for him to try and save himself and why did someone "inspire him" to make the video???? what??? and wtf was funny about the statement?

by harmony mcnealy 1 months ago

Sorry I stopped watching after he said he watched Jennas video which also means he’s seen the response she got from owing up to her mistakes, that’s telling me he basically took notes from it and is pretty much copy and pasting what she did and hoping for the same response. Big yikes ... he should have made this video because he needed to and wanted to because it’s the right thing not be “inspired” to do it.

by Noelle Heffernan 1 months ago

The funny thing he said he wanted to kill a white woman, like that makes it ok! hahahahhahaha he is insane!!

by Aballay Malena 1 months ago

"I wasn't trying to murder HER. It was some other woman." - Shane Dawson 2020

by Puff Pets 1 months ago

That was probably one of the worst, most insincere apologies I’ve ever heard. 🙄. All for damage control.

by Laurie Myers 1 months ago

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