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Nikkie Tutorials SHADES Jeffree Star & LEAKED Call...

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AUDIO FROM THE CALL - Sanders Kennedy.
nikkie queen u have done it again constantly raising the bar for all of us...
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Adam McIntyre photo 1 Nikkie Tutorials SHADES Jeffree Star... Adam McIntyre photo 2 Nikkie Tutorials SHADES Jeffree Star... Adam McIntyre photo 3 Nikkie Tutorials SHADES Jeffree Star... Adam McIntyre photo 4 Nikkie Tutorials SHADES Jeffree Star...

nikkie queen u have done it again constantly raising the bar for all of us...

by Adam McIntyre 3 weeks ago

He didn’t say bad friend she said she’s his “fat” friend. Which is even worse. It almost confirms what Trish said.

by No One CARES 3 weeks ago

I think he said she was “the fat friend who’s very insecure” which is not only awful but body-shaming.

by SaBr 417 3 weeks ago

This just in: “Jeffree is a lowlife degenerate”
people in their 30s: “We’ve known this since his myspace days”

by Schehrazad A 2 weeks ago

He sounds like a sociopath 🙈 treats people like puppets and has no empathy. I’m so happy this is coming out 🥰

by Coraline X 3 weeks ago

If he did say “fat friend” i wonder what he says about lipstick nick 😔

by diana 3 weeks ago

The fact that it’s just shane and jeffree against the WHOLE beauty community says a lot

by Benko Ally 3 weeks ago

J* may be wealthy in external assets and material possessions, but he's internally poor. His net worth is infinitely higher than his self-worth. He strives to compensate by knocking others down (to their faces or behind their backs) and through accusatory projections of the same nefarious antisocial behaviors of which he is guilty. He probably hates himself for such transgressions (which feed his self-loathing and continues to deprive his self-worth), but instead of finding and practicing healthy coping and relationship-builidng skills, he shifts the blame off of himself. Cycle repeats. If he spent the same amount of time and energy adopting healthy ways of existing in the world as he does talking crap and stirring up problems, he wouldn't be such a sad person.

by Janice Warner 3 weeks ago

I wonder if J☆ was behind someone blackmailing Nikki for coming out as transgender. You know he would go that low. Vile human

by Kiran Raval 2 weeks ago

jeffree is just very hypocritical. idk why he ever got a platform. he doesn't deserve it

by jacob 3 weeks ago

Is it just me but I heard him say "fat friend" not bad friend

by Aditi 3 weeks ago

Did he say"fat friend" or "bad friend" ? Either way, that's just gross

by Catie Elizabeth 3 weeks ago

I used to support Jeffree and I wasn’t aware the extent of his past. I’m honestly upset that he never got punished for the way he tried to ruin James Charles. Jeffree needs to be held accountable!

by Priya R 3 weeks ago

JS has such a distorted view of the world. He thinks everyone is a threat. So paranoid &bitter

by Violet Moon 3 weeks ago

He's living all alone in that ridiculous house . It's gonna be a lonely miserable life.

by ooCarnieGirloo 2 weeks ago

I hope Nate will come out and say something, the tarot never lie 👀

by Hailey’s Coven 3 weeks ago

I love the fact that Nikkie is still all about makeup, like, when was the last time Jeffree even reviewed some makeup or put makeup BY HIMSELF?

by Roksana R 2 weeks ago

Didn’t Jeremiah Starfish shade Laura Lee for not giving a apology but makeup tutorial instead, how tables have turned, he did exactly the same thing as Laura.

by VR 3 weeks ago

There’s a collab video of Nikki and JS doing their makeup in a car I think?? and he literally outs her. He says something like “transgender real ness” when talking ab her

by Alayna L 3 weeks ago

I have a feeling you’re gonna become famous from trash talking all these celebrities LMAO

by Naydeen Martinez 2 weeks ago

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