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Julien Says Jenna Marbles has LEFT Forever...

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julien has spoken out, releasing a very touching emotional statement :( i love them both so much and just want them to be happy.
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julien has spoken out, releasing a very touching emotional statement :( i love them both so much and just want them to be happy.

by Adam McIntyre 1 months ago

Jenna made a 45 minute apology to fish, she deserves the world.

by HunitonDee 1 months ago

I can understand because doing something for 10 years CAN get tiring, but....Damn I'll miss the beech if she's gone forever. She was one of the OG tubers from back in the day....feels like an era is over...

by Ribotto Studios 1 months ago

of course jenna's tired. she's been carrying the youtube community for 10+ years. exhausting.

by SequinJin 1 months ago

Also, Marble and Kermit are getting pretty old. I can imagine if she wants to spend whatever time left she has with them, off the internet. Her dogs mean the world to her. I can only imagine the emotional pain she’s going to go through.

by Sheena Greaves 1 months ago

I feel guilty knowing that Jenna felt sad inside every week having to do a video for us, i love her so much i would never want her to go through something like thay, i am so happy and proud knowing that she has finally put herself first

by yokomiranda 1 months ago

I already miss Jenna.

by Mut Ema 1 months ago

i’m so glad jenna has julien he is a real man that’s for sure. i’m glad he’s gonna stick by her side and I hope both of them come thru the storm together stronger and better. ima gonna miss kermit, marbles, and peach and bunny(sorry!). but i have a piece of mind jenna will be okay and i’m happy for her to get her freedom back.

by MsAwesomerific 1 months ago

I think theres something that hasn't been said by anyone but Jenna did hint to it. Sycophants are just as emotionally draining as haters. Having people call you 'mom', 'unproblematic queen' etc etc etc has got to be stressful and exhausting which she hinted at. The way people seem to lack critical thinking until theres a mob mentality is telling and hopefully its a trend that dies down.

by Caligula Longhbottom 1 months ago

One of the worst parts about breakups are not seeing pets anymore. I'm gonna miss the dogs 😭😭 but I am so happy they are taking time for themselves.

by Laura 1 months ago

I feel a little panicked that we won't get to see the pups regularly. I've grown very attached to little Marbles.

by Maren Carney 1 months ago

I don’t think it really hit me until this moment. Jenna and Julien, and their content, has literally helped me in moments where I felt so sad and self loathing and them putting a smile on my face is what allowed me to carry on. I am so grateful for all the effort and time they put into their content. I respect Jenna’s decision, and all I want is for her to be happy, like how she has made me happy. And I hope Julien will return at some point. I will miss them both terribly, and I hope they find all the happiness in the world. They deserve it.

by Amy Rushent 1 months ago

I’m going to cry this is one of the sweetest messages ever Julien and Jenna deserve each other

by Maddy Reimer 1 months ago

Oh gosh I glad Jenna is not alone and her boyfriend is there. This is heart breaking

by Sleepy ravenclaw 1 months ago

I feel like she’s wanted to leave for awhile. Especially after the dog car seat bs. I would miss her and I hope she would keep some of her videos (at least from the last 3-5 years) but if she deleted it altogether that’s ok. I hope she gets her dream of a bunch of cats and dogs on her farm and her and her otter live happily ever after

by Emmy Monroe 1 months ago

I’ve literally never seen a channel that keeps this updated

by Thea W 1 months ago

I’m sad and scared, but I will always be behind Jenna and Julien’s decisions.

They are two lovely wonderful human beings that I feel are a bit overwhelmed about this whole thing and just need time to collect themselves and take a breather.

Whether or not Jenna comes back is her decision, I and many of us who are fans will 100% respect her choice. 💗💗💗

by Miss_ G 1 months ago

Ever since covid began its kinda seemed like she was going through something, more than just the distress we've all been feeling, like she was rethinking her purpose in life.

by noelle elizabeth 1 months ago

She also has a masters degree that she hasn’t put to use yet that she has expressed she’s wanted to do

by Ellie Cook 1 months ago

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