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Jeffree Star KICKS Morgan Adams Out Of His Life...

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morgan adams kicks jeffree star out of her life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l6NazuxZk8&t=4s
this is starting to get intense omg i can't jeffree is so immature like this man is in his thirties i cannooooottttt.....lmfaooo
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Adam McIntyre photo 1 Jeffree Star KICKS Morgan Adams... Adam McIntyre photo 2 Jeffree Star KICKS Morgan Adams... Adam McIntyre photo 3 Jeffree Star KICKS Morgan Adams... Adam McIntyre photo 4 Jeffree Star KICKS Morgan Adams...

conspiracy: Nate left Jeffree because he was sick of being under Jeffrees control

by Claire’s Universe 1 month ago

I think Morgan is the most real person in that friend/family group.

by Amethyst Wonderland 1 month ago

Morgan unfollowed JS first when all the drama started. GOOD FOR MORGAN!!!

by Jan Juan 1 month ago

I hope Ryland won’t chose Shane over Morgan if it gets to that point in their relationship.

by Natxlie Mendez 1 month ago

The fact that Shane's referring to Jeffree as "family" when his real family doesn't even like him is...sad.

by CottonCandy Gacha 1 month ago

When morgan came into the picture I started to like her more then shane.....

by Becca La Bell 1 month ago

The devil works hard but Adam Mcintyre works harder .

by jules 1 month ago

1. Morgan seems to be the sweetest. I'm glad she got out of the way of this drama.
2. " all he would have is jeffree" master manipulators love to isolate their targets to keep control...i mean "family"

by Rebecca H 1 month ago

You are right. I wouldn't be surprised if Shane and Ryland break up. Hope the $$ was worth it Shane.

by Deborah L 1 month ago

You say Ryland will leave him like there's not a possibility that Ryland himself is just as bad as Shane and just hides it better/isnt vocal about it.

by Sarge 1 month ago


by Moon Child 1 month ago

they be preaching about how hard it is for their mental health when james has gone on the record in multiple interviews saying he was at a point of wanting to commit suicide and if it werent for people constantly checking in, he probably wouldve

by crab toes 1 month ago

If I was Ryland's mum and seeing all this, I'd be like... love you need to leave that house, I'm coming to get you asap.

by Laurenxnx 1 month ago

if Shane doesn't drop Jeffree quick, hes not only gonna lose Ryland and Morgan, but the internet world will never forgive him for any of this

by Claire’s Universe 1 month ago

Jeffery wouldn’t be anything without us, I hate the fact that he thinks that he owns us and like he’s king 🤦‍♀️

by Lemons Please 1 month ago

Morgan unfollowed Jeffree first I believe, I hope Shane chooses actual family

by alo-san 1 month ago

The fact in Shane's last video he said him and ryland are getting married SOMEDAY but not soon just shows now they probably arent getting married lol. Ryland looked so upset

by Mak 1 month ago

Hey Adam I don’t know if your member but a few years ago JoshuaDTV threatened to expose Shane Dawson and then he never posted the video (and loads of other youtubers)

by Arun. 1 month ago

Imagine shane making a whole series about this drama

by Gerrit Jongsma 1 month ago

I'm literally loving life rn you are just on a roll with these vids and I stannn

by Morgan McManus 1 month ago

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