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Jeffree Star KICKS Jenna Marbles Out Of His Life...

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jeffree u are a grown man, act like it.
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Adam McIntyre photo 1 Jeffree Star KICKS Jenna Marbles... Adam McIntyre photo 2 Jeffree Star KICKS Jenna Marbles... Adam McIntyre photo 3 Jeffree Star KICKS Jenna Marbles... Adam McIntyre photo 4 Jeffree Star KICKS Jenna Marbles...

jeffree u are a grown man, act like it.

Jenna Marbles QUITS YouTube... :

by Adam McIntyre 1 week ago

jeffree acting like he's a saint cutting her out of his life while he is WAY more problematic than jenna

by anouk 1 week ago

We lose Jenna but Trisha is still going strong. That sums up 2020

by Sweettlimee 1 week ago

Jeffree likes seeing people fall so he didn’t like the fact that everyone supported her and basically she didn’t fall.

by Olivia PRINCESS 1 week ago

Jeffree “you’re making me look bad by being a decent person” Star

by SleezyMoves 1 week ago

Jenna is so pure and kind. We love her. She’s way better than all of those people. Beauty community does NOT deserve her. F Jeffree the real racist

by NattyTys 1 week ago

I didn’t even know she was in his life in the first place blink, blink

by Austin Tayler 1 week ago

Jenna “cancelled” herself because she has morals. She didn’t wait for the world to ask/force her to address it. For like the last 5 years she’s only made content about her dogs and boyfriend and things that don’t come at the expense of anyone! That’s crazy rare

by 3pitomeofmusik ! 1 week ago

One of the biggest things she did that you don’t see others do is she raised that laptop and played back the shitty things she did and owned up to it. She went “yep this right here happened” and apologized. She is the example of how to be a good person who genuinely is capable of learning. I will always support her.

by Dova Queen 1 week ago

Jenna Marbles wasn’t affected by cancel culture she made the decision to hold herself accountable and to give an example to the other creators that they need to held themselves accountable not just when they get called out she genuinely apologize unlike a lot of other youtubers

by Saber Monta 1 week ago

Unfollowing her? More like trying to dip his toe into her relevance and Trending so he can get some attention when people shift from "Jenna is quitting to *Jeffree unfollows Jenna.*"
He really likes attention, huh.

by Arraya 1 week ago

He's trying to bait Jenna into drama and she's not going to take it bc she's grown.

by laur laur 1 week ago

I think Jenna unfollowed Jeffree first so it was probably a tit for tat kinda thing. But I agree with you though... Jenna is setting the example of what he needs to do and he knows it but refuses to do the right thing and take accountability.

by Vanyda Khiev 1 week ago

Jenna has had massive personal growth and although she has made mistakes she hasnt made them again that's personal growth. Shane and Jeffree have a pattern of mistake after mistake apologising and then repeating there massive mistakes time and time again that's the difference and I'm glad people are seeing that.

by Lara 1 week ago

Jenna’s self cancellation and genuine apology has 100% assured she can return unscathed in the future. I hope she does

by Butter Nut 1 week ago

This was a final nail in the coffin of Jafarius Starfish.

by NoneWhatsoever 1 week ago

He’s acting like they were close. 🙄 10/10 Jenna won’t care.

by boothbabe12 1 week ago

Oh no, imagine being kicked out of a lying, manipulating, abusive persons life. What a terrible shame.

by Mark 1 week ago

Jeffree is threatened by Jenna because he as absolutely nothing on her. No blackmail material. Every sus thing Jenna ever did, she has now apologized for and taken accountability for. I feel like Jeffree is scared of that because, like he always says, "he has dirt on everyone". Except for her.

by Hannah Gerber 6 days ago

jeffree did that cause because of her everybody started bringing up shane and him again omfg he's sooo childish lol

by fifa19 1 week ago

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