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Red day for nio, down almost 8% from last week’s price..
While studying the chart, I was able to find a very strong resemblance to what happened back in Jan 2020, In this video, I share my theory behind it..
It’s almost a mirror image, of the stock movement..
I share some important support zones to watch out for..
Trade safe
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Thank you all for watching, I posted a couple of videos a day on my channel, reviewing various stock price movements. If you have a stock you would like me to review, simply leave a comment and I will do my best to analyze the stock
About Me, ————————
Hi all, Welcome to my channel: Actively Passive Investment. I started this channel, based on my friend's recommendations to share my knowledge on stock chart reading and ability and fairly accurately pickup stock patterns. I'm self-taught, read many books, articles, following many successful traders, and been trading for over 9 years now. I hope you enjoy my videos and comments are always welcomed.
Disclaimer, ———————
*I am NOT a registered investment Advisor or Broker-Dealer. This video is for educational purposes and is not intended to tell you where to spend your money. Take this video as my own opinion and NEVER invest your money based on my ideas and opinions.*
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