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Angelina Jolie Hopes Her Kids Don’t Dislike Her ‘Eternals’ Role

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Angelina Jolie is all about her kids! The actress and Finn Little chatted with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans and she dished on her highly-anticipated upcoming role in “Eternals” as well as Mother’s Day with her kids! The two also talk about their upcoming film, “Those Who Wish Me Dead.” "Those Who Wish Me Dead" is in theaters and on HBO Max Friday, May 14th.
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Angelina Jolie Hopes Her Kids Don’t Dislike Her ‘Eternals’ Role

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I like how she switched the attention to finn her co-star.

by Bea Figueroa 4 days ago

In every Angelina Jolie film no matter what her role is she's always look regal and sophisticated 👏🏿

by Khen sane 4 days ago

This is Angelina's year. Those who wish me dead & the eternals 🔥🔥🔥

by Rochan Rahman 4 days ago

In every Angelina Jolie film no matter what her role is she's always look regal and sophisticated 👏🏿

by Khen sane 4 days ago

you can tell she’s comfortable with this guy. every time shes interviewed by him she seems so happy and i love it and his energy!

by amia 4 days ago

Can't wait for the movie. The interviewwer is so good, he has a way of charming and disarming his interview subject

by Yasmine Iesh 4 days ago

i fell in love with angie like a month ago after i watched gia 🥲

by karizma 4 days ago

Angie is glowing up. she's getting healthier. <3

by Jason Mantilla 4 days ago

I watched her movie salt and it NEEDS A SEQUEL!!! Angelina we need salt sequel please.

By the way Angelina Jolie has always been an amazing beautiful and unique I literally love her ♥️♥️♥️♥️

by arielle kavinsky 4 days ago

She’s always absolutely beautiful. But she seems a little more quiet and reserved. I hope all is well for the whole family.

by Juls 4 days ago

Cant wait for this movie those who wish me dead, and external in the MCU phase 4 Angelina was so pretty the interviewer is so good he is so charming, and persuasive ,and disarming the interviewer subject good interview.

by Oliver Garrick 4 days ago

I was so shocked at the end of that teaser for Eternals! I had no idea she was doing a Marvel movie but now I can't wait to see it. I love Angelina.

by Jennifer Atwell 4 days ago

So excited for the movie! Angelina never disappoints.

by Liana Z 4 days ago

Angie is back in action... can't wait for these two movies....❤️

by Marjan P 4 days ago

Look at angelina jolie so fresh my child hood favorite no woman in hollywood is comparable to her

by M S 4 days ago

Scott you always do an amazing job with your interviews and I ❤️ your interactions with the Angelina Jolie.

by dmac Tyler 4 days ago

I thing Angelina was the FIRST step to CHANGE how we see villains and how we’re to WRITE them too. Good Job👍

by Imperial Histati 3 days ago

With Angelina in the lead and Taylor Sheridan directing and writing, I'll definitely be watching this movie!

by 03 AI 4 days ago

I can’t believe my sort of cousin got to work with her in Eternals.

by Courtney Benson 2 days ago

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