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I Rented an ENTIRE Japanese Capsule Hotel | $500 Room Tour

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Japanese Capsule Hotels are an experience everyone needs to have. (Only once). This week we escape from a Typhoon by staying in our own capsule hotel, and find ourselves lost in the tomb of Japan's largest pyramid (yes, seriously). 🍿 EPISODE 4 in our blockbuster 6 part series!
WATCH Joey's own whirlwind tour of our Capsule hotel, https://youtu.be/LwJDay3fp1g
WATCH the Tokyo Capsule Hotel Tour: https://youtu.be/U7Q3sKNuZA0
👻 Episode 01 | Inside an Abandoned Love Hotel: https://youtu.be/0pTBsnGsQ-Y
🍲 Episode 02 | Japan's Worst Food: https://youtu.be/fAY1vMGYG_w
♨️ Episode 03 | Inside a Private Hot Spring: https://youtu.be/JAYgsainb0I
🏨 Episode 04 | Renting an ENTIRE Capsule Hotel: https://youtu.be/FJDuu-TLz-Y
🇬🇧 Episode 05 | Japan's BIGGEST British Theme Park: https://youtu.be/RbXJHO1as2g
💵 Episode 06 | What ¥1,000 Buys You in Japan: https://youtu.be/D6HAaInlOvg
🗻 Series Trailer | https://youtu.be/utCH1qfKRdQ
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Abroad in Japan photo 1 I Rented an ENTIRE Japanese... Abroad in Japan photo 2 I Rented an ENTIRE Japanese... Abroad in Japan photo 3 I Rented an ENTIRE Japanese... Abroad in Japan photo 4 I Rented an ENTIRE Japanese...

NOTIFICATION SQUAD: So the, a pyramid and a capsule hotel inside a shipping container. Another casual week on Journey Across Japan....
What would YOU have done with 10 capsules at your disposal?
JOEY did his own tour of the capsule hotel in a separate video and nearly killed me in the hammock. Don't miss that:
We'd hoped to do more on this episode, but the weather shot down and plans and hopes we had for doing things outdoors. Still, it was a nice break from all the crazy things we've done in recent weeks and we've got two more action packed episodes in store! Journey Across Japan ain't over yet.

by Abroad in Japan 2 months ago

Next episode: Joey and Chris pour custard on themselves and EAT THE BREAD.

by The Anime Man 2 months ago

If the finale doesn’t involve custard, bread and kissing, you’re going to have a lot of disappointed viewers😂

by Sharmeleon 2 months ago

I think you meant to say Escape to the Sea... On Scooters!

by CZsWorld 2 months ago

It’s funny how the series is supposed to focus on seeing Mt Fuji but instead we see Chris and Joey bathe in a weird bath tub every week

by Nelson Benitez 2 months ago

I think Chris's sad, depressed, English demeanor is making the clouds and rain from England follow him to Fuji

by UberVilla 2 months ago

Is it weird that my partner and I are considering going along the same path as Chris for our honeymoon next year XD every episode we become more convinced

by moonbright9 2 months ago

A sarcastic oddball, with an umbrella and an English accent, wandering around a pyramid looking for his wide-eyed, younger, hipper sidekick?

by The Matcave 2 months ago

"Now I've seen everything, Except Mount Fuji" - Chris Board 2020

by aronth 2 months ago

angry british uncle with his australian nephew

by AKiwi 2 months ago

Aki: "So this is my boyfriend, Joey... and this is his boyfriend, Chris."

by Austin Hicks 2 months ago

Joey should've just booked the love hotel and not told him.

by globe1987 2 months ago

Alt title: “Journey Across Japan, Mt. Fuji escapes Chris Abroad”

by ALOHA DaKine 2 months ago

The combination of this cheerful aussie and the grumpy brit is just glorious

by DerMikkes 2 months ago

Please tell me that Journey Across Japan 3: Escape to the Sea is going to be a real thing. That would be amazing.

by Victor Vici 2 months ago

I'm honestly really surprised you haven't gotten picked up for a BBC miniseries or something, your production chops and narration abilities are ready for that.

by Kohlbern Jary 2 months ago

Just threw this episode on the tv, normally watch on my phone. I am so sorry Chris, good lord this is so much better to see on a big screen. Can appreciate the production value so much more. Think I may rewatch this series on it. Great work and love the entertainment. Hope you had a fun trip.

by big13O 2 months ago

"Joey? Where are you, Joey?"

(ominous voice)
There is no more "Joey.." There is only, Dr. Jelly!"

by CormacWrites8 2 months ago

Kiss Joey

Chris: That's a one...
Joey: That's a ten;)

by R0ffiE 3 weeks ago

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