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Feminist Triggered About Gender Pronouns - SJW vs Logic #7

#Gender Pronouns #Instant Karma #SJW vs Logic #Feminist #Entertainment
Feminist Triggered About Gender Pronouns - SJW vs Logic #7
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#Feminist Triggered #Instant Karma - Feminist Edition

ABLAZE photo 1 Feminist Triggered About Gender Pronouns... ABLAZE photo 2 Feminist Triggered About Gender Pronouns... ABLAZE photo 3 Feminist Triggered About Gender Pronouns... ABLAZE photo 4 Feminist Triggered About Gender Pronouns...

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by ABLAZE 1 year ago

“No matter your identity we respect you” unless your identity is white, straight, male and conservative

by Eric Worthing 11 months ago

Yes, I identify as a millionaire. I need banks to acknowledge this and make my bank account to reflect who I am inside. Its an act of mental violence if they don't help me.

by LibertarianUSA1982 10 months ago

If your "identity" is so fragile that 2 innocently spoken words from me will send you into an existential crisis, then it wasn't a strongly believed in identity to begin with.

by Alohomora~Margarita 8 months ago

“Why can’t you accept me for who I am?”

“Bruh you couldn’t even accept who you were in the first place.”

by DJ Abesamis 9 months ago

I identify as a pregnant woman. Now where’s my paid leave

by TheMisterRune 1 year ago

"In my opinion, gender is a universe". Obviously, in her universe brain cells don't exist.

by TheCraigy111 7 months ago

holocaust survivor: Our personhood was taken away from us as they reduced us to be only mear numbers

Gender fluid person: I know how you feel. I was called "dude" once

by ThatPeterGuy 8 months ago

Worried about being called 'dude' or 'man' when they should be concerned with that bowl cut

by WilliamE216 9 months ago

Sorry but I dont have to acknowledge your imaginary "identity"

by Mike Q 9 months ago

Say “no” to your children sometimes.

by Criss O 1 year ago

It's very sad when Mental Illness is being "normalized" or WORSE: "Celebrated".

These poor people need medical help. They are in no position telling society how people "should act" towards them.

It's like someone with schizophrenia demanding society to "respect the voices in their head".

by emkkahn 8 months ago

It’s so funny watching these idiots basically destroy themselves

by Tim Scotty 8 months ago

“I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” - Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth.

by ObiWan KeSnowbi 9 months ago

"Gender pronouns are important"
Okay bro, I can't find who asked

by David Colón 8 months ago

Q: If you are not a feminist then what are you?

Me: A normal human being!

by Iron Lord 2014 6 months ago

Millennials to barber: place a bowl on top of my head and shave everything it doesn't cover....

by humbllbug 9 months ago

'Non Binary Folks' - just another way of expressing someone is mentally sick.

by Obi Wan Kenobi 8 months ago

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