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Sheriff: Investigators have 'promising leads' in search for suspect in Compton deputies shooting

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Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva says investigators have "promising leads'' in the search for the gunman who shot two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies as they sat in a patrol SUV at a Compton Metro station. More: https://abc7.la/2FzWLOF

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ABC7 photo 1 Sheriff: Investigators have 'promising leads'... ABC7 photo 2 Sheriff: Investigators have 'promising leads'... ABC7 photo 3 Sheriff: Investigators have 'promising leads'... ABC7 photo 4 Sheriff: Investigators have 'promising leads'...

Shooter reminds me of Leprechaun in the Hood.

by Jude MelRoses 1 week ago

Somebody wants that reward 💰. It’s only a matter of time who wants it more!

by Lily Petal 1 week ago

Once again not one word mentioned about the EYE WITNESS we can all see standing there observing the scene.

by Mamma Roma 1 week ago

his cousin's will turn him in, that reward money will buy a lot of dope.

by The great shakeing 1 week ago

Word on the streets Tekashi 69 is going to Rat on him! Lol🌈🦈

by Fred Valenz 1 week ago

I think its fake, try to get sympathy from a community that has ZERO trust in them. Millions have seen them in action.

by Lebron Jameslol 6 days ago

Raise the reward His own FRIENDS will drop dimes for 200k😂

by Ed Alvarez 1 week ago

He’s probably laying low at Lebron’s mansion.

by S Lawson 1 week ago

I'm guessing 4chan will do a btter job than the fbi again.

by Ryan Jensen 1 week ago

No cameras in Compton. That is about to change hardcore. also side note: the suspect runs like a woman.

by Keith Miller 1 week ago

That shooter looks and runs more like a juvenile female than a male..
My prayers to the two deputies.

by Fran Barshon 1 week ago

I’ve seen him before, he lives on Fantasy Island.

by Torqem Harder 1 week ago

In the movies they find you through satellite cameras

by Expect The Bow 1 week ago

I bet the shooter looking at this like... “no more High Points for me”...🤦🏽‍♂️

by Gypsy Bankrollz 1 week ago

Please forget about “have they caught him yet” and “somebody will rat them out with a big enough reward”… There will never NEVER be a conviction by a jury of their peers

by J B 20 hours ago

They say that when they really don’t got any leads

by blackcasper0 1 week ago

So you misleading everyone as usual???!!!! Wheres the part of "Promising Leads"

by J 1 week ago

.... Anyways the homeless encampment accross the street made a makeshift shower.

by Sofia Tsaernev 1 week ago

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