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12,000-acre Apple Fire burns out of control in Riverside County I ABC7

#fire #firefighters #cherry valley #riverside county #News & Politics
A 12,000-acre wildfire was 0% contained as it threatened homes in the Cherry Valley area. https://abc7.com/6347211

#brush fire #wildfire #apple fire

ABC7 photo 1 12,000-acre Apple Fire burns out... ABC7 photo 2 12,000-acre Apple Fire burns out... ABC7 photo 3 12,000-acre Apple Fire burns out... ABC7 photo 4 12,000-acre Apple Fire burns out...

I can see the flames from my front yard. My parent's house is close to the evacuation zone. Please pray for our firefighters and community! 🙏

by Christine R. 1 days ago

At this point, I'm not even surprised.

by _ David _ 1 days ago

The smoke of the fire looks like a volcano

by Bang! Bang! 1 days ago

And so august begins

by neilb 1 days ago

2020 August Expansion: "The Great Flame"

by Nic Sander 1 days ago

2012: end of the world

2020: Let me show you how its done children.

by JJ20kil3r 1 days ago

Teacher in 3020: let’s talk about 2020 kids

Me when we invent time travel: Well, it’s hard to explain.

by Hot Blizzard 1 days ago

I'm from San bernadino and it looks like a volcano erupted from here.

by CSTE 1 days ago

Wow, it literally looks like hell on earth. Hope everyone stays safe.

by WV Redneck 1 days ago

This really sucks that this fire is destroying this area.

by Crazy55 Rider 1 days ago

“2020 is gonna be the best year ever.”

by 3d Chris 1 days ago

It's all fun and games until you see an apple fire😳

by Jonas 1 days ago

me: you done?

2020: hold my calendar

by Paul 1 days ago

And Newsom wants to close down fire camps... great idea right before fire season

by BeeBee G 1 days ago

It’s called the Apple Fire because it started near Apple Tree Lane in Cherry Valley. They usually use the nearest street to name fires or something like that.

by Palo Dave 1 days ago

This is normal it happens every year. Its Cali we get dry ass heat and come July and August we have fires from Redding to so-cal

by Ricky None 1 days ago

You can blame the tree huggers for "preserving" these fine fire starters

by Doge Gaming 1 days ago

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