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Bobcat Fire update: Flames edge closer to Mount Wilson, a landmark of modern technology | ABC7

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The Bobcat Fire is within 500 feet of Mount Wilson, home to SoCal's TV towers and an observatory where 20th century astrophysics was pioneered.
Full story: https://abc7.com/bobcat-fire-flames-edge-closer-to-mount-wilson/6424749/

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ABC7 photo 1 Bobcat Fire update: Flames edge... ABC7 photo 2 Bobcat Fire update: Flames edge... ABC7 photo 3 Bobcat Fire update: Flames edge... ABC7 photo 4 Bobcat Fire update: Flames edge...

I was a firefighter in Southern California, we had all kinds of meetings about controlling fires around places like this. I can see the government took all those recommendations and promptly ignored them.

by Abby Babby 1 week ago

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John

by Mayea Herrera 1 week ago

imagine banning tribes from doing preventative burns. This among otherthings.. you did this to yourself Cali

by Corbonzo 1 week ago

Rome is burning and the leaders are playing their fiddle..

by Pa P 1 week ago

Hello from Caribbean: I really hope they can save it. It's a national treasure.

by Rnbsoulbest90 S 1 week ago

I think God is trying to tell us something.

by weenr bonr 1 week ago

Mount Wilson is where they measured accurately the speed of light for the first time, and NO, they did not use the stars but another mountain peak.

by concerned1313 1 week ago

"historic treasure may be LOST.." LOST ?? As in passively "lost" ??
It seems to me that fires of this kind can be reasonably predicted to happen... especially if you fail to maintain a protective fire-brake zone to protect such a "historic treasure". Seems to me that the politicians tasked with running this area have totally failed in their responsibility to manage things. You need to vote them out.

by vidkidxyz 1 week ago

I've done prescribed burns up there with cal fire. Hopefully this will help.

by Ethan Ross 1 week ago

"with now places for the remaining 12 engine companies to access water.".... "33". End of story.

by David Pascucci 1 week ago

They say a spark from an elect trick cable did these and ther"e sewing the electro co..

by maria nevarez 1 week ago

Mountain Wilson belongs to NBC they have their Antennas. There I used to work there.!

by maria nevarez 1 week ago

Plenty of pumper trucks, plenty of water, dig out all of the fuel get at it boys you can do it

by David Davis 1 week ago

Let the fires burn its peacefully protesting

by Joe R Biden Jr 1 week ago

Oh, I hope that Mount Wilson will be saved from the fire. A piece of history. These fires are incredible.

by SuperKasper333 1 week ago

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