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Are you legally required to show your receipt when leaving a Walmart? | VERIFY

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I have personally had a lawyer tell me that simply not showing a receipt is not enough for probable cause.

by Mark Bishop 9 months ago

Fact: Once the transaction at the register is complete, your items and receipt are your property. You do not have to show them. Simply walk past and ignore the request.

by Brad Wolfe 10 months ago

It's up to them to prove I stole something, not up to me to prove I didn't

by Bill Morris 1 year ago

If the attorney you spoke to said not stopping is probable cause, get a new attorney. The one you have is incompetent.

by Bobbo Bob 1 year ago

They don't check every receipt. They do profile people.

by Sonyag1 1 year ago

Walmart: Bag your own groceries
Walmart: Stop did you pay for all that?

by RandomUploads 1 year ago

Sir you literally watched me walk to the exit from the register. If you want to see my receipt go ask the cashier.

by Brian Craig 1 year ago

When asked for my receipt I simply say, "No thanks, I'm good." and keep walking. Nobody ever comes after me, and I love the looks I get from all the people waiting on line to be treated like thieves. I hope they learned something!

by gene bigs 1 year ago

After being stopped at walmart every time i shop there to show receipt i finally just stopped shopping there
Problem solved

by Jill Andress 1 year ago

Just say โ€œno thanksโ€ and keep walking.

by cavscout62 1 year ago

Of course you aren't legally required to show a receipt. If they aren't accusing you of stealing with some evidence to back it up then they have no business stopping anyone.

by Good Fella 1 year ago

Sure, just stop and obey and continue like good little robots, your rights do not matter to you

by Tricia and Dennis B 1 year ago

You can simply not shop at stores that treat customers like thieves.

by John Burrows 1 year ago

Walmart is disgusting. They have absolutely no respect for their customers or employees.

by Jeff Smith 1 year ago

Your lawyer needs to go back to law school and re-read the Constitution. He's full of $hit.

by Mammaw M 1 year ago

Wait a sec, what? How can you claim probable cause AFTER the fact? So if they stop me with NO probable cause, if I keep on going, they NOW have probable cause to detain me, even though they had no probable cause to detain me in the first place?

by Nysguy2003 1 year ago

Iโ€™m stopped EVERY TIME I go to Walmart. I wonโ€™t be stopping anymore!

by Catania Momma Italia 1 year ago

Having to show your receipt is very insulting. No where else do I have to show my receipt.

by Brenda Kempf 1 year ago

This happened to me at a Barnes & Noble bookstore in NYC. The man watched me pay for my books (the entrance door was right next to the cashiers) then demanded to see my receipt. I told him to go ahead, but I would immediately return the books, get a refund, and Barnes & Noble would never get my business again (I read a lot of books and had spend quite a lot of money there over the years). He went through the bag and carefully compared each book to the receipt. I turned around and proceeded to get a refund, and that was it. I've never spent another penny at a Barnes & Noble. I browse there, but I don't give them my business.

by D. Joseph 1 year ago

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