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Vaccine Watch: When will a COVID-19 vaccine be ready?

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With mixed messages in Washington about the race for a vaccine, ABC News’ Bob Woodruff sat down with NIH's director, Francis Collins, to discuss when Americans should expect an available vaccine.

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ABC News photo 1 Vaccine Watch: When will a... ABC News photo 2 Vaccine Watch: When will a... ABC News photo 3 Vaccine Watch: When will a... ABC News photo 4 Vaccine Watch: When will a...

The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe. If they don't, then the country is safe.

by V Z 1 week ago

It sounds too good to be true when it comes from a greedy country that wants the very last penny you have.

by kevii ._. 1 week ago

I almost got Covid 19 when I was at the Supermarket. But I quickly stood on a social distancing sticker and put a stop to that sh*t.

by Kitty Cat 1 week ago

We cant get a free N95 but we can get a free Covid-19 vaccine.

by Ezekiel 963 1 week ago

You know what else is free? Cheese in a mouse trap !!

by Erik Esenaliev 1 week ago

With all the crazy stuff in the world right now, I’d rather take my chances with Rona than with a vax, I can’t imagine the side effects down the road that we don’t know about.

by Something2ChewOn 1 week ago

That doctor should be a volunteer for it.

by lilybaytoday 1 week ago

"If something is free, you are the product"

by a Matthew A 1 week ago

I'm not taking any vaccine. Especially from Bill Gates.

by Nick Huffer 1 week ago

🎅 "Excuse me Doctor... When will the pandemic end ? "...
👨‍✈️ " I don't know, I'm not a politician"

by MasterMind 1 week ago

You know a Vaccine is close to being made when media pundits and politicians begin fear mongering about the vaccine itself.

by Link Journey 1 week ago

Just Say No to Drugs!

by Pajarito 1 week ago

We will never accept your vaccine. We won’t tolerate much more of this tyranny.

by Jessica 1 week ago

Imagine if you will a world in which Nancy Pelosi's hair salon has better Video surveillance than they would
in Jeffrey Epsteins Jail cell

Imagine that 😒

by PMAGOO 100 1 week ago

Personnally I don't give a damn if they ever develop a vaccine.

by The Plumber 1 week ago

I have a feeling this vaccine will kill everyone or start some other sicknesses

by Ariel Bailey 1 week ago

You mean the government would lie to us?!?? Yall crazy. Be quite and drink this kool-aid.

by Ya'kov vok'aY 1 week ago

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