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Undercover Investigation into Disability Fraud

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Investigators says people filing false disability claims are costing taxpayers billions.

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ABC News photo 1 Undercover Investigation into Disability Fraud ABC News photo 2 Undercover Investigation into Disability Fraud ABC News photo 3 Undercover Investigation into Disability Fraud ABC News photo 4 Undercover Investigation into Disability Fraud

its crazy how my actual disabled father canโ€™t get his disability check but these frauds can

by josh weed 10 months ago

This pisses me off, there are people with real disabilities that canโ€™t get disability checks because of frauds and scammers like this...๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก

by Ariel Salas 8 months ago

Million dollar question: are the doctors who signed off on these disabilities being investigated?

by Eric Ruiz 3 months ago

Those who are Truly disabled know they would trade there disability check for a normal life in a heartbeat.

by Kingofkings 1 year ago

I am disabled and this makes me sick. I wish I could live a normal life.

by Ivory Spease 8 months ago

My daughter has a literal half heart, yet is denied disability. Long live America.

by Lynnie Shaw 1 month ago

How did they get this much of a settlement. Everybody I've met on disability was averaging five or six hundred a month and one month away from getting thrown out of the trailer park.

by one and one 9 months ago

โ€œHe was as crooked as a dogs back leg and neither one of them could tell the truth to save their lifeโ€ was my favorite quote im sorry

by 2m 8o 8 months ago

"Difficulty: Lifting, Squatting, Standing, Kneeling, Reaching, Sitting, Stair Climbing, Seeing, Memory, Completing Tasks, Concentration, Understanding, Using his Hands, Getting along with others." So he should be in a coma, pretty much.

by Mandy Karevicius 5 months ago

That would be fun to be a social security fraud investigator.

by Ty Brady 9 months ago

How stupid do you have to be to claim disability then go jumping and running around on a game show?

by Matt Collier 1 year ago

I broke my spine and have had two back surgeries. I cannot even get SSI. With the Pandemic things are tough right niw.

by Believe in Yourself 1 month ago

"Not getting along with others" is a disability?
Well then sign me the hell up! $$$$

by Jenna Smith 6 months ago

My stepmom had TWO strokes of the cerebellum. They were hemorrhagic SO she had TWO coils placed in her brain to prevent ANY progression of the strokes. She has NO weakness NOR loss of feeling in ANY limb BUT her balance is SHOT. She CAN'T walk without a tripod cane. Almost ANY incline in the sidewalk or the road causes her to fall. It took her YEARS to get ANY disability BUT these con artists are being funded to the MAX. The system is BROKEN.

by Charles Kuckel 8 months ago

OMG I'm truly disabled and I desperately wish I could work!!!! Fraudsters get what they deserve.

by DianeThomson1960 9 months ago

Come to Florida there are plenty scamming SSI.

by Marie Casburn 9 months ago

My mom used to justify her collecting disability as "I worked my whole life, this is money I earned." Then they found out she was earning far more on the side than allowed and she wasn't physically disabled and she ended up having her car impounded, we got evicted and she went off to live in a government funded nursing home, effectively becoming homeless.
Disability fraud is no joke. And you never know. When you really need it, it might not be an option anymore.

by black puddle 6 months ago

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