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SCOTUS expert: Trump appointee could upend decades-old legal precedents

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Professor Deborah Pearlstein discusses the judicial records of Judge Amy Coney Barrett and Judge Barbara Lagoa, and how a judge chosen by President Donald Trump could reshape America.
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I don't care what their views are. Their job is to objectively interpret the constitution.

by Sara Fakult 2 weeks ago

So far it sounds like we have the same folks trying to drive hysteria as they did during the last nomination. Those world ending fears haven't materialized either. Let's get back to moving to middle ground in the Congress so that they can work together and stop trying to pass legislation in the courts.

by Jason Neal 2 weeks ago

The smear campaign starts because Amy Barrett believes that Supreme Court Seat is not a policymaking or legislative seat,She has also stated that Right to Abortion cant be removed but some restrictions can be changed.
As far as Roe v Wade even RBG said that it went too far.

by Justin Albert 2 weeks ago

"She's an academic"( is that suddenly bad?)
Being said by another academic is...kinda weird.
That like your mechanic, pointing at someone and sarcastically saying "hes a mechanic".

by Don Rit 2 weeks ago

Law and order so that we can live in peace.

by Big Al 2 weeks ago

Liars and hacks!!! Trump's appointment to SCOTUS follows precedent!!!

by Brandy Mocanu 2 weeks ago

The United States Constitution declares specifically,
Article. VI. ...; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

the fact that the Senate must never ask a supreme Court nominee, their religious beliefs, the same applies to
law clerks serving for the U.S. supreme Court Justices,
any mention of a religious Test, would be immediate grounds for dismissal, from any position on the Court.

by Hugh VonNiederhausern 2 weeks ago

OMG a Catholic !
What would JFK say ?

by D.A. Risse 2 weeks ago

Good judgement should have told a MOTHER OF SEVEN that attending a no mask party might be risky. Hmmm

by teresa foxvog 1 day ago

Worrying about social issues 🤷‍♀️. God forbid they work to make good hard working people’s lives easier. The “American Dream” for all. 🤦‍♀️

by Amy v 2 weeks ago

Once in love with Amy
Always in love with Amy
Once you're kissed by Amy
Tear up your list, It's Amy

by John P Curtin 2 weeks ago

I am worried as much about the Social issues as I am the economic issues.

by Nathaniel Anderson 2 weeks ago

there's no precedent to set...there's been 29 times in american history where this exact same scenario has happened and, guess what? as RBG herself said last election the president doesnt stop being the president in the last year of their term and the senate, which america voted in with a republican majority, doesnt stop having majority powers so...dont see where the issue is. and for the record, after what democrats did to brett kavanaugh no-one honestly believes, had this been a hillary WH and a schumer senate, that there wouldn't already be a nominee on the table with a vote by the end of the month. if democrats want to control who gets judicial appointments then they need to stop scaring moderate voters away and win back the senate

by terrance 2 weeks ago

Power will go straight to her head and she'll love it!

by Andria Bell 2 weeks ago

"Trump could limit the left's power in this nation for generations to come." - MSM
"I like it." - America

by George Washington 2 weeks ago

Good none of these presents ever worked anyway

by Michael Lanman 2 weeks ago

Conservatives are counting on it!

by Gary 2 weeks ago

Catholic Democrats criticize her for being “too Catholic”.....or too much of a “parent and a Mother.”
Pretty sick....

by jet1guy 1 week ago

Nice to hear reason from liberal media for a change.

by Michael Lewis 2 weeks ago

This is just ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THE LEFT USING SCARE TACTICS BY CLAIMING THAT SHE WILL “CHANGE EVERYTHING”! Another example of MSM to further their agendas!!! Constantly pointing out that they are NOT a good choice for SCOTUS, whereas if Biden wins, they could just pick up some dumb yokel that agrees with what the Left wants to fill the multiple spots they to pack in there!

by Perry Gerfen 2 weeks ago

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