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Report on Boeing cites ‘culmination’ of failures

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ABC News’ Gio Benitez details a new congressional report putting the blame on Boeing and the FAA for two deadly 737 MAX plane crashes

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ABC News photo 1 Report on Boeing cites ‘culmination’... ABC News photo 2 Report on Boeing cites ‘culmination’... ABC News photo 3 Report on Boeing cites ‘culmination’... ABC News photo 4 Report on Boeing cites ‘culmination’...

Reminder of what happens when we let companies regulate themselves and allow the government agencies meant to protect us to wither.

by Heschewingonit 1 week ago

they should pay a heavy price for thier reckless and people should be jailed for this, they got killed hundreds of innocent people

by Robi Hanibal 1 week ago

Boeing use to make airplanes that didn't crash theirselves !!!

by William Royer 1 week ago

Back in the day
We had test flights in the sky...
Now days we test em on computers,
What could go wrong?

by McArthur Wetzel 1 week ago

I remember that FAA did not ground B737 even after the second accident.

by A S 1 week ago

THIS IS ALL THE RESULT OF DEREGULATION. When you let irresponsible executives and engineers monitor themselves - this is what you get.

by John Humphries 1 week ago

Culmination of years the GOP deregulating companies and downsizing regulation agencies with their promise they will self-regulate and put safety over profit. Lies, GOP lies.

by Cybr Friends 1 week ago

This is very sad. My prayers go out to everyone!

by K Hall 1 week ago

Wow that's a lot of debris for a plane that smashed into the ground. Makes me think of the lack of debris in Shanksville. Just a hole was all I remember.

by Klen McRock 1 week ago

They Should Not Have Allowed Second Crash. FAA should have grounded after the first crash

by John Daniel 1 week ago

Some people deserve the death penalty...

by carocarochan 1 week ago

Needs to be totally redesigned...th3e current structure should never be allowed in the air again. The software system is a problem but it is the actual physical design that creates problems in certain conditions (high humidity, etc). Everyone in aureonatic dersign gets this - why keep fussing about?

by Robert Carande 1 week ago

If you think this company will learn anything from the failed practices that caused so much devastation. You'd be mistaken. They will just ride out the storms until they can go back to business as usual. No matter how long It takes because corporations are long lived and people have short memories.

by Scrambled Eggs 1 week ago

“If it aint broke dont go out of your way to break it and kill many lives in the process”

by HandsomePhantom 1 week ago

Where is the memorial for these people. Boeing should be run out of business and those responsible should be sent prison. I won't be flying on the 737 Max when its cleared to fly.

by Kill Monger 1 week ago

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