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Hoax Hunter | Claims to Expose People Who Fake Illness

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Taryn Harper Wright says she has cracked 17 cases of suspected illness fraud in the last three years.

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"Why would someone lie about being sick?"

For money, Jason. For money.

by ultimateninjaboi 1 year ago

“He has rust in his blood!”
“How is it treated?”

by skee 1 year ago

Guy: “It’s not cancer, but a brain condition called Muchausen-“
Me: “By Proxy.”
Guy: “By Internet.”

by Olivia Petrowski 1 year ago

This reminds me of the gypsy rose case. That child should not be in prison!

by Angi Baugh 1 year ago

So what are your credentials?
Well I used to read Nancy Drew books.

by Della Damson 1 year ago

As a guy who went through Chemo twice, radiation daily for three months, and beat cancer, this sickens me.
Rust in the blood? There is no such thing.

by johnmonk66 1 year ago

"I went to a university for forensic science"
"I went to a police academy"
"I read Nancy drew books."

by BuzzBee BeeBuzz 1 year ago

im watching this while staying home from school because im faking being sick...

please dont expose me to my mom

by Ashleyyy 1 year ago

Why does the title say she "Claims to expose people"? When you show actual evidence of her successfully exposing people? Seems like thats not just a claim anymore...

by Erik Johnson 1 year ago

Most ppl who are sick don't ask for money they battle it painfully and silently

by dms2015 1 year ago

“A mask they’d give you at an airport if you had a cough” .... this hurts in 2020

by Kalei Bigelow 2 months ago

This reminds me of the guy from the spongebob chocolate episode who said he had glass bones and broke his arms and legs everyday 😂

by Josh Bermudez 1 year ago

Ha, I knew it was fake when he responded "dialysis" to the question "How do you remove rust from the blood?"
Everyone knows all you have to do is drink some WD-40!

by DonaId Trump 1 year ago

Rust in his blood from staples used in surgery!? They're made of plastic!! Jeez!

by CitizenOWorld 1 year ago

My biggest take away from this is that they hand out masks at the airport.

by Jeffrey Tuura 1 year ago

You can literally tell from the wording of the post that it’s a hoax.

by Incredibly Node 1 year ago

the fact that people lie about having serious illnesses is disgusting. we need more people like this woman.

by Ivoire Daniels 3 years ago

They need a show just for blasting people like this.

by McShortNfat 1 year ago

Be careful what you fake....you just might get it. Karma never sleeps..she gets you when you least expect it. 💯

by Amby Hymel 1 year ago

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