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1 Marine dead, at least 2 injured in training disaster | WNT

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Officials said eight more are missing and presumed dead after an amphibious assault vehicle took on water off the Navy-owned island of San Clemente in California.
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ABC News photo 1 1 Marine dead, at least... ABC News photo 2 1 Marine dead, at least... ABC News photo 3 1 Marine dead, at least... ABC News photo 4 1 Marine dead, at least...

I hated those when I was in , i can’t stand when marines die in training which happens all the time because of garbage equipment

by O331 USMC 1 days ago

I spent 5 years in the Navy, some at NASNI in Coronado. There are far more training accidents than people realize. Thoughts for the families. :(

by Jennifer Wise 2 days ago

Stop giving Marines sub par equipment that is decades old and expecting better results

by Nechemya 2 days ago

“A man is only as good as his tools.” RIP

by ᚾᛁᚲᛟ 1 days ago

Oh so sad... I can’t imagine being trapped inside a sinking tank with 10+ people stuck inside. Sad for everyone involved

by NextLevel BJJ 2 days ago

As an Army Veterans I’m glad this accident is making headlines; there are far more military training accidents then most Americans realize.

by Garth Stewart 1 days ago

RIP Marines. Find them all. What a tragic, tragic day.

by Neptune 2 days ago

This honestly has to be one of the most terrifying ways you can possibly go. Sinking to the ocean floor in a metal box with a bunch of screaming people inside. As a Marine vet, I felt terrified just thinking of it. This shouldn't even be in the news. The vast majority of the people watching this have absolutely no idea what they are talking about anyway. As soon as that thing went under those AAV guys knew what was about to happen. And they all knew they were screwed once it started taking on water. If you want to point fingers, point them at who ever keeps giving the Marine Corps a joke of a budget. The thing was probably a POS from the 80s. If there wasnt a bunch of damn good Marines taking care of it, it would have been replaced by something new years ago. Marines take care of there gear and eachother. Hopefully the two in critical condition make it, so we can hear the follow up story on how they survived thanks to the ones who didn't. And to the ones who didn't, Fair wind and following seas.

by William S 2 days ago

I'm so sorry for the families 😢 I couldn't imagine how they feel

by Joe Blow 2 days ago

I’m was an 0311 in a track company for many years. This is tragic but I have no idea how they died. So many mistakes must of taken place. For starters, when you splash, you wear life jackets. So many questions.....

by Burt Reynolds 2 days ago

Sadly being on a navy boat myself, things like this happen when safety checks are not done completely.
Ive seen one of these sink before, its gonna be a hatch that was missed or not secured tightly enough.

Sorry for the families losses

-Navy Veteran

by Qp2 Qp2 2 days ago

Its sad cause they wanted to defend their country and help millions of lives but instead their the one who dies rip all of them

by Adam Kandil 22 hours ago

Keep the November flag flying until their found, rest in peace brothers.

by michael brower 2 days ago

What a tragedy. As a former Marine my heart goes out for them

by Roger Tavarez 2 days ago

Praying for the missing! and the one that lost his/her life.

by alreadythen1 2 days ago

Disaster? Sounds like the training was a complete success. Death is what the military is about.

by MrMJmusicLover 21 hours ago

Liberals: Russian interference with water may have caused the death of the marines.

by Deranged Monkeys 20 hours ago

training seems MORE dangerous than tour duty

by jennie grant 1 days ago

When I was in the Navy and I could of sworn some of the things are outdated and serve no use. There were alot of stuff that could of improve on such as putting underwater apparatus in the berthing area or fix the broken watch system where many sailor fell asleep. The military needs to improve on safety issues #1

by Tommy G 2 days ago

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