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Early Xbox Series X Tests Show It's LEGIT Impressive!

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Microsoft has given some publications free rein to publish reports on the Xbox Series X — or, at least, on certain features of the Xbox Series X and the results have been LEGIT impressive..
These are not full reviews; they specifically focus on the Xbox Series X’s backward compatibility. Ars Technica and VentureBeat both tested various aspects of the Xbox Series X’s performance in older games, and how its SSD impacts these titles. Microsoft hasn’t been kidding about how much the new architecture cuts loading times.
Source, https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/315580-early-xbox-series-x-tests-praise-ssd-backward-compatibility
#XboxSeriesS #XboxSeriesX #Xbox
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8-Bit Eric photo 1 Early Xbox Series X Tests... 8-Bit Eric photo 2 Early Xbox Series X Tests... 8-Bit Eric photo 3 Early Xbox Series X Tests... 8-Bit Eric photo 4 Early Xbox Series X Tests...

I’m excited to get both next gen consoles. What are you going to get?

by 8-Bit Eric 3 weeks ago

I love how 8-bit Eric is so positive towards every console. True gamer ✊🏾 one love bro.

by Don Kyleon 3 weeks ago

I feel like Xbox series s and x will win this console war

by isaiah97303 3 weeks ago

Still trying to get a preorder and remember it's free to hit that like button

by oneton420 3 weeks ago

Hyped to get my pre order in can not wait the console and games look dope!

by Chad H 3 weeks ago

I agree with you Eric. Xbox gets major props for supporting backwards compatibility and the legacy of great Xbox games!

by RetroDigital 3 weeks ago

Now, I just need to know when and if there will be another round of Series X pre-orders @ 8-bit. Thanks for your continued commitment and grind going into next gen.

by Zeb Byrd 3 weeks ago

I'm legit kind of more excited for the Series X over PS this time around

by Stephen Artman 3 weeks ago

I still keep checking to see if my x will be delivered on time. Everything is good so far.

by Ryan Nelson 3 weeks ago

I just hope they make some really good turn based Jrpg's for series x, cant wait to get mine 🤩😍🤩😍

by Magnus schmidt 3 weeks ago

I wanna see some fighting games. Inbetween matches MK11 and Killer Instinct
But super excited about these new load times. would love to see PS5 load times...

by chiefmegadeth 3 weeks ago

They are not really showing anything just saying it's good and still playing the guessing game🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

by Tobias Cruz 3 weeks ago

Now I'm Triple Hyped for Xbox Series X more than ever!!!

by SuperWajin82 3 weeks ago

I never trust graphical crop images from any company they always make it seem worse than it actually is, typically selling practice from anyone trying to sell consoles, graphics cards, tvs or monitors.

by Chris Redfield 3 weeks ago

Damn, that's not to bad tho on the external 3.1.

by Juan Diaz 3 weeks ago

Can someone compare a ssd equipped 1x and a series x? Thats what I care about..

by Slipsp ce 3 weeks ago

I’ve been following your channel for quite awhile. I love your positive attitude!!!!
Keep up the good work!!! More subscribers coming.

by David Stokes-Lopez 3 weeks ago

I always enjoy the click at the beginning of every video 😁

by Ramsay Bolton 3 weeks ago

im glad youre doing well
100k subs by launch!

by Habination 3 weeks ago

November 10th! Can’t wait!

by drizztatk 3 weeks ago

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