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WHY Gordon Hayward Is A GREAT FIT With Lamelo Ball & The Charlotte Hornets

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10K :D appreciate the love on the vids ✌️✌️

by 6Man 2 months ago

I actually like the fit aswell, money is an issue lol but everyone’s getting a bag this off-season

by DavidDo Little 2 months ago

Did MJ overpay hayward yes but no one goes to charlotte meaning u need to get any star you can get

by BBall Fanatic 2 months ago

Ayyy you got to 10k love to see it

by Berj Jimenez 2 months ago

I’m from Indiana and that is one reason I follow Gordon. Was hoping he would go to the pacers but oh well I’m gonna watch Charlotte next year now. Lamello looks good also.

by bL33d77 2 months ago

Lamelo is going the main scorer and it’s going to be known in the 1st month of the league

by Chris 2 months ago

Good video, but...that background.

by bulldog 08 2 months ago

You are not stealing from Youtube but you stole my ❤

by solemlycrying 2 months ago

Celtics took a huge L declining Myles Turner deal for Hayward 🤦🏽‍♂️ Turner a perfect fit at the 5️⃣ spot

by Calvin Herrington 2 months ago

As a hornets fan who is happy with this move. You were able to say everything I was thinking, I hope we are right and this team can get a playoff spot as that would really help the development of our young guys.

by anon 2 months ago

Yeah most people overreacted at how bad his contract was when you got Horford, Tobias, Love, Wall and Russ getting superstar money too,

I can confidently say GH will produce more and he won't be that old when his contract ends.

He's still worth at least 20 M a year so it's not THAT much of an overpay imo

by Jose Francisco Salazar Valdes 2 months ago

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