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2HYPE Plays Among Us w/ CouRageJD & Troydan *Worst Imposter IQ Plays Ever*

2HYPE photo 1 2HYPE Plays Among Us w/... 2HYPE photo 2 2HYPE Plays Among Us w/... 2HYPE photo 3 2HYPE Plays Among Us w/... 2HYPE photo 4 2HYPE Plays Among Us w/...

Yooo this was so dope! Can’t wait for more!

by CouRage 1 week ago

Courage: "I feel like cash should be sabotaging."

Cash: 'woooooooooooooooowww, we out here cuhhhh' flying out of the spaceship

by Kiwi 2104 3 days ago

Jesse: "Cash is the dumbest imposter teammate ever"
Me: (likes video)

by Andrei Jimenez 1 week ago

I’m starting to think Cash dumber than Flighr😂

by mango play 1 week ago

“He’s got his little Jason mask, and he’s out to KISS me”

-Kristopher London

by Jack Thompson 6 days ago

Cash framing Jesse was a new level of funny😂😂😂 Crying from that still

by Dominick Duliepre Jr 1 week ago

Jesse: “Should I just stand over the body?”

by Klinic 1 week ago

VIDEO IDEA: have professor Courage teach y’all how to actually play Among Us, emphasis on Cash he might need to to stay for night school.

by Ethan Anderson 1 week ago

Cash rlly didn’t do any tasks and just ran around watching ppl, sold his own imposter teammate, and didn’t sabotage anything when he was a dead imposter🤦‍♂️

by Houdini30 1 week ago

jesse: “i trust mitchell”

.5 seconds later had anxiety attack

jesse: “GET AWAY” 😂😂😂

by STL Snippets 6 days ago

This whole game is Cash being a noob by the big ass report button, him self-reporting, and him snitching on his teammate.

by Cyclops 1 week ago

"Its like when we went shoe shopping and I got the whites that were off." Troy 2020
That cracked me up man🤣🤣🤣

by Ethan 6 days ago

Kris: gets followed for 2 seconds
Also Kris: I'm calling an emergency meeting

by MattHoops 6 days ago

Are we all rlly about to ignore Kris accidentally saying “he was coming to kiss me??”😭😭😭

by Lil Minty 1 week ago

Everyone: ...
Cash: “How’d you know there are two impostors ... nvm that was dumb.”

by Bizzy is Busy Productions 1 week ago

Nobody: ...
Jiedel: " I Don't think this means anything"

by Xein 1 day ago

Troy and courage were the only intelligent ones, everyone else’s was acting retarded 😂😂😅

by SenseiDbo 2 days ago

The way 2hype wins is they outdumb the imposter who’s actually smart 😂

by no cap momma 1 week ago

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