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redecorating my office

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2 Danny 2 Furious photo 1 redecorating my office 2 Danny 2 Furious photo 2 redecorating my office 2 Danny 2 Furious photo 3 redecorating my office 2 Danny 2 Furious photo 4 redecorating my office

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by 2 Danny 2 Furious 1 month ago

Put a big glass container with CANDIES FOR CUTIES!

by Zerina Dz 1 month ago

Petition for danny to turn “the little nook” into the new update corner

by paandalol 1 month ago

Get an embroidered/cross stitched sign that says “Greg Sweet Greg” with hearts and flowers 🙂❤️🌷

by Nicole 1 month ago

Danny: talks about the window being too bright but he doesn’t want the curtain blocking it but he doesn’t like ppl being able to see out of it

Me: Plants. Plants. Plants. Plants. Big plant. Viney boys. Plants. Add plants. Plants. Any plants. Please just add some plants.

by Alena16 20 1 month ago

Danny, you should put a whole stack of La Croix in one of the shelves.

by Akxes 1 month ago

“Local Man is self-conscious about his doors for 16 minutes”

by Joe Schmoe 1 month ago

Get a poster that says “danny”
That would really say danny

by pansquakes 1 month ago

Who else instantly died of laughter when they saw peanut lurking in the background

by Brynn Smith 1 month ago

"hey guys, today we're talking about the incredible hulk,"

"or spider-man,"

"or... tha 𝘰𝘤𝘦𝘢𝘯."

by Taylor 1 month ago

Danny: rearranges room without nutcracker
Me: this doesnt look right
Danny: puts nutcracker in background
Me: yes this is nice

by AnimeBoi_ BtsArmy 1 month ago

16 minutes of Danny proving he is, in fact, not in a hallway

by Abigail 1 month ago

"Hey guys, today we're going to be talking about the incredible hulk, or spider man, or... The ocean "
Danny! You forgot about everyone's favorite super hero!
Dolphin man!!

by Michael the weeb 1 month ago

The fact that Danny has the money for like a pretty darn expensive set, but he still uses a little flimsy $40 folding table is quite something-

by lxvely ryujinie 1 month ago

✨design tips for danny✨
- put square storage bins/ baskets into the shelves it will fill those out better and you can throw all your stuff in them without having to make it look pretty
- frame your posters with dark wood frames and put them above the shelf
- frame your merch, tour poster, etc
- add large plants or any other large props to fill up empty space
- also painting the walls a darker color or adding a rug will help add texture and contrast, it will feel less empty and more cozy!

by faith tangen 1 month ago

Danny's house looks like the setting of one of those nightmares where you're lost in a house and every door simply leads to more doors...

I love it.

by Yuki X. 1 month ago

i’m obsessed with Danny calling that folding table his desk

by Mollie O'Brien 1 month ago

Danny: presents a well though out joke
Me: Heh.


by OffsetSolid 1 month ago

Design Idea:
Print out a whole heap of pictures of people who LOOK like you but AREN'T you and frame them all over the place! Knick-Knacks😎

by Georgie Bright 1 month ago

Danny: spends a whole video seeing up his new recording layout.

Also Danny: ends the video recording in a totally different room that's already perfectly set up

by MTA Denizen 1 month ago

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