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Teen made $28M through scams, bank fraud, police say

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A teen in metro Atlanta is accused of running a scam that led him to gain $29 million.

11Alive photo 1 Teen made $28M through scams,... 11Alive photo 2 Teen made $28M through scams,... 11Alive photo 3 Teen made $28M through scams,... 11Alive photo 4 Teen made $28M through scams,...

I would’ve chilled at my first M😭

by General Humor 7 months ago

The government tried to ban him from the dark web

by Yee Haw 1 year ago

He's obviously smart... wish he had guidance or support to invest.

by Purple Rain 1 year ago

they knew when he stole his first mil but waited till he's 18 so he can go to jail for the rest of his life!

by Ham 2 months ago

But damn 28m that’s impressive

by Jim Rondeau 6 months ago

DAMMMN😂gta modded account

by Chado .30k 4 months ago

2-3 years probably 28 mill good deal to me

by JABORIS 2X 7 months ago

You've to admit he's smart though and you can't deny it

by Gossip Queen 101 6 months ago

He should become a politician

by MrCnote1993 10 months ago

Can’t even talk straight she rolling

by Aye Pee 1 year ago

Fed time he will be fine he will come out smarter and fatter 🤣🤣

by Aaron Lewis 3 months ago

how this man bypass SMS 2FA (OTP) 4 numbers code ? using malware or social inginering or sim-swap ?

by adrian urban 2 months ago

No way he had 28m wit that hair🤦🏽‍♂️

by Wicked Arts 1 week ago

For some reason I feel like they used him and the other people are still free

by Edwin Cruz 5 months ago

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