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Brantley Gilbert Q&A Session at WXCY

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Brantley Gilbert stopped by WXCY on April 14, 2016 to hang out with fans and for a casual chat with Brad Austin on our Country Chrysler Performance Stage.

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103.7 WXCY photo 1 Brantley Gilbert Q&A Session at... 103.7 WXCY photo 2 Brantley Gilbert Q&A Session at... 103.7 WXCY photo 3 Brantley Gilbert Q&A Session at... 103.7 WXCY photo 4 Brantley Gilbert Q&A Session at...

After watching this for the third time one line kept on in my head. "Sometimes shit Don't work." And next day I used that line on someone, (an ex) with a smile on my face I just walked away. Thank you BG for words of wisdom.

by Jen Goloski 3 years ago

Iโ€™ve watched this interview at least 30-40 times I love his interviews heโ€™s funny as hell and has the best stories ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Jonathan Kestner 3 years ago

How many times does he pick up that water bottle and not drink it๐Ÿ˜‚

by DCS tv 2 years ago

...Dude talking smack about someone being bald when it looks like he swallowed a tractor tire sideways.

by Day12My 7 months ago

He kind of sounded Australian when you said how are y'all doing

by TravisRenegade XB1 2 years ago

Like Brantley
Like your video on Brantley

by carrie white 2 years ago

no affence to bg but turkey season is in my top 3

by Anna Crider 3 years ago

...This is a nice couch by the way....In what world is that HILARIOUS like the crowd is acting? Yet another example of how a group of people will laugh at the most ridiculous things IF said by a famous person in a small group setting.

by Day12My 7 months ago

My son sings dirt road anthem just. Like jason aldean an does the rap

by Frances McClellan 1 month ago

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